That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scarring My Children For Life

I wrote about Amazing Grace's 18th Birthday here and how I am struggling with that transition from parenting a child to parenting an adult. What I didn't share was that we had an appointment for her to get her Birthday gift from us after her Birthday. Unfortunately we couldn't get her gift on her Big Day.

The day came and Amazing Grace was so excited. She was finally getting her first tattoo. Silly girl decided she would not only get her Birthday gift that day, but she would pay for and get her second tattoo at the same time. For a long time, she had wanted to have a saying, one that was meaninful to her, tattooed on her and we told her we would give her that as her Birthday gift. Then she decided what she wanted for her second tattoo and announced she would have them done at the same time. 

Tattoo Man decided to do the smaller of the 2 tattoos first. Kinda warm her up to them since it was in a less sensitive spot and smaller than than the one that was her gift. 

Holding Mama's hand.

Laughing through it.

An homage to the importance of sign language
in our family--her deaf uncle--& how
we say "I love you".

Hanging in the tattoo parlor...
Amazing Grace's
impression. She just
needs a mustache.

On to tattoo #2...

For 40 minutes there
was a wee bit of this...

...and this. 

But a wee bit more of this...
...and this.

"Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly."
Something I have said to Amazing Grace since
she was little. When she had her 4-wheeler
accident, I told her she had a very fast angel
& not to test its wings again. 

For Amazing Grace's 16th Birthday, I got her nose pierced, something she'd really been wanting. 2 years later, she got her first tattoo for her 18th Birthday. I've mentally scarred my children all their lives but I save the physical scars for their Birthdays.

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