That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Homecoming 2014 Part II

This year I have a Senior, a Junior, a Freshman, 2 in 6th grade, & a 4th grader. The time when I would have 3 in high school seemed so far away when they were younger. It's crazy now that it's happening. I see everything as Amazing Grace's last, Blondie's first, and Boy just awesome. 

This was Blondie's first Homecoming & she was in the band. I was so excited about having 2 kids in the parade, something the entire town comes out to celebrate, that I stood on the corner where the parade turns so that I could get tons of pictures and video. 

Boy Teenager with his companion.

Junior class reps. 

Gorgeous Blondie.
Beautiful smile, as always. 

Can't be serious for too long.


Totally my kid. 

Boy Teenager. 

Amazing Grace.

I loved watching Boy Teenager walk with his companion during the Grand March. I was definitely That Mom, taking a ton of pictures and videos of my kid and the entire Homecoming court. My favorite part though was the parents dance.

Boy Teenager came and got me and we danced on the dance floor with the other mother/son and father/daughter duos. Just the kids of the court dancing with their parents and everyone standing in a circle around was so sweet to have that moment with my son.

As we were walking to the dance floor, he asked me, "Why did you have to wear heels?" Sorry, kid. We had been told there wasn't going to be a special dance, otherwise I wouldn't have worn them. I'm already 3+ inches taller than him...add the 2" heels...I looked around and realized I'm already the only mother taller than her son and now I was taller than all the mothers and the sons. Thank goodness I'm used to being the tallest in most settings. Boy Teenager already felt awkward dancing with his Mother; towering over him didn't help that at all.

Boy Teenager had one hand on my waist and was about a foot away from me, creating many laughs from the parents and kids in the circle. Darn boy and his deep phobia of not showing affection toward family.

This was my favorite part because I was able to tell Boy Teenager why I'm proud of him and he actually listened instead of taking it as a ridiculous, overly cheesy Mom proud of every breath he takes. He told me about things going on. Just a nice conversation while we danced with my arm on his shoulder.

We could have fit a whole nother
person in that space between us.

I'm fully aware that I'm the typical doting Mother to a son. I think he's the most amazing son to ever have lived and he's got me completely wrapped around his finger. I can't help it. 

It was pretty weird to send 3 kids off to their Homecoming dance. I don't know when they all got this old. I swear they were just all toddlers fighting over who was allowed to look out Their Window in the mini van or making sure everyone got the same amount of milk in their sippy cups. 

Look at 'em now!

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