That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watson & Lennon: The Boys

Watson & Lennon have become the best of friends. After Lennon's trip to the vet that resulted in him coming back lacking certain boy parts, Watson accepted him as a non-threat.

Apparently the loss of sensitive male tid bits is a bonding moment...who knew!

Watson even introduced Lennon to his beloved toy, The String. 2 days after Lennon's makeover Watson brought Lennon one of his strings & laid it in front of him. At first Lennon just looked at it like, "Dude. A string from a hoodie?" Watson sniffed the air, all indignant & waited for Lennon to pick it up. Lennon didn't take the hint. He just sat there looking between the string & Watson, not sure what was expected of him.

I watched in fascination as Watson picked it back up & slowly walked away with it. Lennon sat there, still confused about what was going on in front of him & unsure about his role in this activity.

Watson turned around & walked back in front of Lennon. Slowly. Lennon watched the string slowly moving back & forth in front of him, Watson tirelessly continuing his slow pace, over & over, over & over.

Until Lennon pounced. Then Watson took off with the string & Lennon shot after him. They played tug of war with that string & dragged each other around the house.

Now that Lennon knows what to do with that string Watson doesn't  annoy me with it bring it to me to play as much anymore. Lennon doesn't seek out the string & carry it around on his own 'cause...well...he's a cat, not a dog (Watson just doesn't understand that cats don't fetch toys) but he gets very excited when Watson brings it to him.

Lennon didn't know how to play when we first had him. He would look at us dangling toys in front of him, yawn & stretch his legs, & go to sleep. He didn't chase squeaky toys, he didn't pounce on catnip the second he sniffed it, he didn't chase feet & hands under blankets. Watson must have sat him down & taught him a thing or two because Lennon is now a very playful cat.

Watson even shares me, his favorite thing in the whole world besides food, with Lennon. Watson no longer pouts when I pet Lennon & they both sleep next to me every night, one on either side. It's pretty cute to watch them, my little book ends sleeping together.

Fat Boy did teach The New One a lesson when he made the mistake of laying down in Watson's spot at the end of the bed. Watson sleeps in the same spot every night. One night he jumped up on the bed to find Lennon in His Spot. Watson bit Lennon's butt, Lennon shot off the bed, Watson laid down & bathed himself. Lennon has never laid in that spot again.

The Boys do everything together now.

Enjoying the sun & breeze

Watching fat Junebugs
(but don't be jealous of my Ugly Door:
click here for instructions to make your own Ugly Door
here for an Even Uglier Door)

Watson teaching another cat things...what have I done? Hold me, I'm scared.

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