That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet Sixteen Serenading

At the Sweet Sixteen trip, the best Sweet Sixteen ever by the way, all the partiers were lucky enough to be serenaded by the best serenader ever. And it was a surprise treat.

After 9 hours of shopping in the amazing Mall of America, we had to get back to the hotel so that I could submit a paper that I'd been researching for all week & was due by midnight that day. Yeah, I was pushing it close but eh, your oldest child turns 16 only once, so I was more than happy to work my booty off all week so that missing my studying time on Saturday would be okay.

The only problem was that I hadn't written the 3-page paper yet. By the time we got back to the hotel, got everyone figuring out where they were going, my laptop (yes, she made it through her surgery very well, thank you very much) accepting their wifi, & called my hubs to say good night (a must!), I had exactly 1 hour & 36 minutes to get that paper written & submitted.

Ya'll, I'm a pro. Seriously. Not only did I get it written with 7 other people talking & swirling around me, but I got 3 pages done & submitted 10 minutes before the deadline. And I got an A. Yup. I rock.

After I was done with my paper, Ethel & I realized that it wasn't actually a dying goat giving birth to an elephant with a head cold coming from the bedroom in our suite. It was a child. Singing.

This is 16 year old Other Daughter in her own world rockin' out. She had the music cranked & couldn't hear us, didn't realize I was recording her (you see the floor for the first minute+ cuz I was hiding the camera), & 2 Extra Daughters were controlling the ipod. Just as she'd get into a song, they'd switch it on her.


You're welcome.


  1. Why mean? I only posted the video after I got her permission. If this was her real singing voice or she didn't want the video out there, it wouldn't be public. :@)


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