That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homecoming Week 2012

This is our town's Homecoming week, aka the week the stores have to order triple supplies of toilet paper. 

My daughter had to go to a couple stores in a city 15 miles away just to get enough tp for the first night of their adventures. Last night a boy was behind us in line with 2 of the largest packs of tp they had. Of course the hubs was picking on him. I told him to stop picking on him, for all we know the boy could have the runs & we're just embarrassing him. Men, they don't always think.

Last night, I had a Devil Migraine & I think I wasn't too nice to all of my family members. Family Members, you all can accept this as your public apology: sorry this Mama sucked last night.

I ended up going to bed at 9 last night & sleeping till noon today. I think my Imitrex knocked me out & somehow helped me sleep more than I've whole life. 

In my bedroom, close to my bed, is a door. This door opens onto a patio. This patio is in my back yard. Last night, with my Devil Migraine, I was also extremely hot. I opened the door so that the lovely 40 degree air could cool me off. Door open & tv on is how I fell asleep. 

I would like to know which high school boys saw me sleeping like this because about an hour later, hubby & Boy Teenager discovered our back yard had been visited by the TP Fairies. 

This is my view from the left of my patio:
It gets much better...

This is my view from the right of my patio: gets better...

This is part of the side of the house:  

...they were just getting started, just wait...
The rest of the side of the house: 
...ta da!

Some close-ups:

That odd stack to the left? Our stools that were placed around the fire pit & a box
that was in the fire pit. The wheelbarrow does not normally live on that stool. 
Nothing was spared.

They were kind enough to
 stack up the brush.

Look closely, it's even wrapped  around
the top of the fence in places.
 As high as some of the tp is, I know it's one of Boy Teenager's fellow football players. Considering both gates to the fence were locked on the inside (our attempt at keeping the TP Fairies in the front yard--bwahahaha that worked well), it was someone who can sail over 6 feet of wood without any footholds.

I was pretty impressed to see all their work today. TP Fairies, hats off for getting into the back yard despite our efforts to thwart you. We bow down. 

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