That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another Surgery

I have had so many surgeries that I actually have to count on both hands when I think about how many there have been. From June 2008 to August 2011, I had 5 major surgeries & 1 "minor" jaw surgery--the surgeon may call it that but I can tell ya there was nothin' "minor" about how it felt afterward, about eating liquids only for 8 weeks, or having to have your jaw packed with nasty bone-growing material every couple of days.

I've run out of spare parts. Oh wait, I do have my tonsils. Now I'm sure I just jinxed myself.

I lost a couple spare parts before my wedding--an expired uterus, an exploded appendix, & an exceptionally full gallbladder. I wasn't looking to lose weight to fit in my dress 'cause I looked damn good in it already, but I don't suggest losing organs as a way to get skinnier. It doesn't work. Your body doesn't get smaller when internal organs are removed. I think the space gets filled with the carbs you eat while you're recovering.

My Amazing Grace had a surgery this summer, which she is healing great from, by the way.

Here I am, once again wringing my hands & anxiously bouncing my foot in circles while I wait to hear some news. My poor baby is in the hospital, being operated on after she had a stroke. I'm just hoping when it's all over, she will still have her memory.

I feel lost without her & the sooner she comes home the happier everyone in this house will be, because when Mama is worried & upset, the whole house feels it.

I just want my super-busy, purple, all-mine laptop back where she belongs: in my arms, safe & sound. 

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