That's Me

That's Me

Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's Chat

It started with me writing a paper for a class. 

I'm on a new medication that leaves me knowing what word I want but not always able to form the word. In short, I have periods of stupidity. If I'm stuck on a word, I'll text/message/email/yell at hubby that I need a word & I follow up with the meaning of the word I'm looking for. Today though, as soon as I asked him, I was able to reach into the furthest nooks of my dusty brain & retrieve the word I was looking for. I didn't send him any further info on what I was looking for. Unedited, for your reading pleasure...   

me:  gtive me a word...
 Sent at 12:48 PM on Monday
 me:  nevermind
 Sent at 12:52 PM on Monday
 hubby:  taxi
 me:  booger
you asked for a word, taht was the first thing that popped in my head
 me:  i'm not going to analyze that
mine was booger
   hubby:yeah, no idea where it came from
I figured you were calling me a booger
 me:  nope
my first word
i knew what you were doing
 hubby: thermonucleardynamics
 me:  psychopharmacology
that's a lung disease
i found the site you're on
hubby:  lmao
The longest unhyphenated word in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (10th Ed.), joint with ethylene­diamine­tetraacetate 
(see below).
  hubby:below what?
 me:  i just c&p the definition
i didn't c&p the below
   hubby: lol I know :)
This word has appeared in the American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstracts and is thus considered by some to be the longest real word.
i can beat you at your own game
so they had a pot luck for lunch today
I went to the gynm
 me:  yum
hubby:but I popped in to see what they had for food
 me:  good?
 hubby:they had like 7 different pots of chili
 me:  :(
  hubby:my boss's was really good
not as good as yours, but good
 me:  :(
you cheated on my chili
that's why you married me
   hubby:I know I couldn't help it, it smelled like tacos
but I only had a little taste
cause I'm waiting for yours tonight
me:  a little still counts as cheating
 me:  now you're not getting mine
 me:  i'm very saddened
 Sent at 1:16 PM on Monday
   hubby:your chili is still the best :)
me:  "i only slept with her a little bit. your sex is still the best."
doesn't work
 hubby: lmao
 me:  cheating is cheating
  hubby: true that
 Sent at 1:20 PM on Monday
 me:  ass
Sent at 1:32 PM on Monday
  hubby:lol, why's that?
 me:  you ate someone's chili
   hubby: it was a guys chili?
 me:  and that makes it better??
our marriage is a lie!
you eat men's chili!
   hubby: no!
 me:  when i'm not around!
   hubby: lmao
 me:  i didn't know your chili loving swung both ways
    hubby: only have love for one chili
 me:  so it's okay to eat another chili if you don't love it?
   hubby: of course not
it was a moment of weakness
I was hungry
 me:  and i shoulld just forgive?
 hubby:its like the cheeseburger song
 me:  oh, so when you're hungry you can't control yourself
how can i trust you if you can't control yourself
   hubby: I just went across the streeet
me:  this is painful
 hubby: but I would be back
 me:  stop singing
     hubby: lmao
 me:  i'm not amused
     hubby: (you don't know me)
 me:  not at all
you can't distract mw from that 
you ate a man's chili
& expect to come home to eat my chili tonight
   hubby: geeze, that sounds so wrong
 me:  it is wrong
   hubby: "you ate a man's chili"
me:  you understand my pain now?
   hubby: I feel your pain
 me:  but you'd eat it again if you could
   hubby: ummmmm
 me:  ass
   hubby: no?
me:  don't come home
you can sleep on his couch
   hubby: lol
 me:  i hope his chili was worth never getting my chili again
 me:  i'm hurt
   hubby: lol, I'm sorry
me:  yet you laugh
 hubby: you're serious?
 me:  yes
   hubby: huh?
 me:  you cheated on my chili
 Sent at 1:41 PM on Monday
 me:  ass
   hubby: thought that was a word reserved for DA?
 me:  no, that's dumbass
you're not a dumbass
you're smart
well, you were till you cheated on ,my chili
   hubby: my bad
 me:  we'll get through this, baby
  hubby: I could bring you some of his chili to see how inferior it is?
 me:  that would help
   hubby: then you chili really wouldn't be jealous
I'll do that
I'll bring some back
me:  you can't doctor it
   hubby: nope
 me:  we can only get through this if you're willing to put in the work
 Sent at 1:47 PM on Monday
   hubby: fair enough
I'll go steal some chili now
 me:  we can do this together
prove our chili love is meant to be

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