That's Me

That's Me

Monday, September 24, 2012


Ethel & I got makeovers at Mall of America.

This pretty much sums up our relationship.
I'm crouching to be closer, just want to make that clear.
The lady was a little over the top with the compliments. She told us, "You have 16 year olds?! No way! I swear to God, when you walked in here, I thought you were 18. Just 18!!" 

But later she asked me if the red was my natural color & if so, why aren't I grey yet. At the time I was confused over what being a redhead had to do with going grey...but later I realized that she's a moron. If she really thought we were 18, she wouldn't have asked that. Most 18 year olds aren't grey. Duh.

Or have wrinkles. We don't look 18.

We had fun being pampered by someone, even if she was a  Lying McLiar who lies in lying pants.

I got mad at her when she told me I must have my eyebrows made over too. I let her do it after a moment of telling her how much I detest wearing makeup in my eyebrows but I gave in 'cause whatever. 

I hated it. I didn't like the shape she gave me & I just hated the brown color. She said my eyebrows are too light for me. Dude, my eyebrows match my hair. Dark eyebrows look fake with my coloring. I'm not a fake person so I don't want fake eyebrows. 

But whatever. We had fun. And the lady made a sale. What can I say, that lip gloss was bad ass, yo.

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