That's Me

That's Me

Friday, March 9, 2012

More From Almira Gulch

Have you ever gotten served papers because you cut your child or step-child's hair? I can now say I have.

It's not fun.

So tonight I get home from school, eat some dinner, sit down to study...the door bell rings. It's a sheriff. With papers for the hubs & me to appear in court because we cut his daughter's hair last weekend.

Background: hubby was getting daughter's hair cut for a year when Almira Gulch decided that she suddenly had something against her daughter looking well cared for & groomed. Took us to court because she wanted the judge to say we couldn't cut her hair. For no reason. Just because.

The judge said that hair cuts have to be agreed upon since she was making such a ridiculous fuss over it. Gee, thanks judge, for putting the decision solely on her because obviously the person who says no is going to win that one. Duh.

Since September, daughter's hair has progressively looked like...there is no nice way to say this...shit. The ends were so split that it was a stringy, tangled mess & her bangs completely covered her eyes. Every once in a while we would beg Almira Gulch to discuss a hair cut with us. Every week she would tell the kids that if we got her a hair cut we would go to jail. Yeah, Mother of the Year there. Let's scare them with the threat of their Dad & Step-Mom going to jail.

Until last week when Almira Gulch decided to cut daughter's hair herself. Without discussing it with us. Apparently she thought she was above the court order?

Being nice, we let her know that we weren't going to call the courts about her being in contempt of court over breaking the court order of "as agreed upon" & "discussing matters" but we would now consider it not an issue. We even went so far as to thank her for changing her mind. We can pretend to be nice like that.

We honestly don't care if she talks to us about it or not. Just give the girl a damn hair cut so she doesn't look like a street urchin. But since she had it made into a court order, we aren't going to just ignore the fact that she isn't above the law.

Since she cut it in a way that made it look like the 6 year old did it herself, we fixed it so it actually looked decent. Apparently it's very difficult for Almira Gulch to cut in a straight line. Or cut the same section of hair the same length.

Now she is taking us to court, claiming hubby is in contempt for cutting the hair so he should go to jail.

She cut it first...I'm so confused over her lack of logic. She cuts the hair & it's okay. We fix it so it's straight & it's not okay. Daughter looks like shit=okay. Daughter looks adorable=not okay.

Being a Step-Mom is difficult for so many reasons without having to deal with an evil ex.

Dealing with an Evil Egg Donor is a nightmare that I'm praying to wake up from.
"Almira, you can put your court papers in that basket & shove the whole thing up your..."

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