That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mommy's Little Shadow

Mommy & Mini Me
Blondie had to job shadow someone for a school assignment. I was honored that she asked me if she could come to work or school with me. Unfortunately, she couldn't shadow me at work because it would take about a month to complete all the necessary paperwork for her to be able to be there. So Blondie came along with me for a day at school. 

During the 1 1/2 hour ride there, Blondie said, "You do this 3 times a week? You really put in a lot of time get your higher education." Oh, that child. She has quite the way with words at times. 

"Hey, little girl, that is not
what we are doing today."

In lab Blondie followed me around, participating as much as she was allowed in all the skills procedures right next to me. She watched a video about a disease process and later said she definitely has that disease because she has all of those symptoms. Ah, welcome to nursing school, my love. It's the place where you are constantly convinced you or a loved one are dying of each disease you learn about. She met the Sim men and women....

...and my Sim Baby.

"Blondie, come meet my Sim Baby. 
She's so sweet."
"No, Mom, keep that creepy thing 
away from me."
That mean little girl called
Sim Baby creepy. 

I thought Blondie would love to meet her newest sibling while all the other students were practicing skills. I thought it would be a sweet moment between a 15 year old and her newborn Sim sibling, but alas, it was not so. I was very, very wrong. That girl shunned my beautiful little baby like she had the plague.

In the lab, I taught Blondie what each thing does and when it is used on a patient. She was equally grossed out and horrified by the many places the tubes and hoses enter patients and how I get them there. She watched as I inserted all the many tubes and catheters into the Sim people, thankful that she was not watching this on an actual person. It was immediately apparent that it was a good thing the job shadow was occurring at school and not at the hospital.

I'm pretty sure Blondie was relieved that there was nothing for her to learn in my next class room and that she could sit in the corner and read her book. She was ready for a break, for sure. She tuned everyone out with an ease that I've never seen before. Blondie has always been good at tuning people out, but this was recording breaking speed.

I think Blondie's favorite part was the lounge.

"I wish my school had this."
"Yeah, I like your
school, Mom."

On the way home she told me she has a new appreciation for how tired I am. "I'm exhausted from watching you and I didn't even have to do any of it. Then the long ride home. I understand now why you don't want to get back in the truck to drive us places or you need to rest sometimes. And I don't even have the health issues you have, so I know it's even more tiring for you." Yes! Finally, someone gets it.

We decided that every child in this house should go with me for a day to see what I do and what long, busy days I have. With 27 kids, there has got to be at least 1 more that will get it at the same level Blondie got it.

If not, there's always boot camp. I've heard that's a good way to get kids to appreciate their mother. 

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