That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Nursing Instructors See

While watching TV last night, hubby did the usual fast forwarding through the commercials. Until I caught something and made him back up to a particular spot.

This is what ensued.

Hubby: Looking for the correct button. [Rewind]

Me: Too far.

Hubby: Looking for the correct button. [Forward]

Me: More.

Hubby: [Forward]

Me: Not that far.

Hubby: Changes channels. How do I get it back to Naked and Afraid?

Me: That little button on the side that you always forget exists.

Hubby: Back to show. [Rewind]

Me: Too far. Just give me the remote and I'll do it myself.

How a man who works in a technical world 20 hours a day can possibly be so inept with a remote is beyond me. He can make the computer do things that makes my brain pop. Yet you hand him a remote and he suddenly grows paws missing opposable thumbs and dexterity.

But I finally paused it just where I needed it to be and then took a picture with my phone.

And here it is. The look on the face of every nursing student, ever in the history of nursing school.

Imagine a sea of this face looking
back at you as an instructor.

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