That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Wee Bit of My Days

Would you like a teeny tiny wee bit of a taste of my life? If not, there' s an X in the corner of the screeen. If so, you're in the right spot. 

Recently I have...

Filled up on this fuel...
...almost as much as I
have filled up on people fuel.

Wondered who put a
mustache on the library clock.

Been spied on while
I ate my mac & cheese.
Wished I could sleep this

Came home after work to laid
out jammies & a note to get
sleep, after only getting 2 hours of
sleep the night before...

...along with this note under
the remote, next to my jammies.

Written many, many care plans.

Been this tired. 

Attended a few surgeries...

...*not* as the patient, for once. 

Walked in to find Amazing
Grace being sat on...

...and then threatened
with a pounce...

...and thought Amazing Grace & Added Daughter
have the weirdest fights ever. 

Pondered over a tax
agency having a tele-
tubby hold their sign. 

Posed with Ginger Girl. 

Celebrated as Amazing
Grace earned college

Walked in on Watson
holding down  my school
stuff & someone tucked
him in.

Enjoyed Blondie's last choir &
band concerts as a Freshman. 

Cried like a baby at Amazing
Grace's final choir concert. 
Fell asleep studying. 

Loved Ginger Girl's choir concert. 


Made crafts with Little Blondie.

Woke up every AM with this
pressed up against my
shoulder & arm. 

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