That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I've Been Busy and Watch out for Migrating Eyebrows

Clearly I've had quite the busy quarter at school. I have not even visited my own blog in over a month. That's just so sad there isn't even a word for it. 

Over the 11 weeks of this quarter, I went through many, many experiences at school. Including this day where I learned how to draw blood & insert IV's. I sat in front of the Sim Man to start his IV & he...well, he got a wee bit handsy...

He copped a feel. 
"I'm not that kind of nurse, Mr. Sim Man."

I'm pretty sure Sim Man was created by someone who loves boobies. His hands are perfectly cupped and rolled just right in a particular direction...that could not be a coincidence. I like the look on the face of the other Sim Man in the bed behind us. He is quite shocked by Sim Man 1's behavior.

And this day I feel asleep while studying. In my school uniform. After a day of clinical. In a very uncomfortable chair and my book as a pillow. Proof that if you are truly exhausted, a nap can happen anywhere...

Poor, poor tired Eddi.

Another day I had a baby. I named him Sim Baby. I love my Sim Baby.

We look a lot alike. 

Every day I studied more than I thought was humanly possible.

I don't want to write care plan #1100.

Many days I attended clinicals.
...many clinicals.

Every day I did not get enough sleep. I got very cranky when what sleep I did get was interrupted. Watson doesn't like his sleeping time interrupted either...

"Do you know what time I fell asleep last night??"

One day my class had to attend a career fair as one of our assignments. We had to each meet with a certain number of employers, introduce ourselves, and basically let them know that they must hire us if they want to have the best nurse in the world. I was only interested in working for one of the places that was at the fair but I'm good at BS'ing my way through stuff like this. This photo of me was on a news channel's website that night...

"That's amazing! It's exactly 
what I'm looking for."

Look at that face. I had no idea my eyebrows ever naturally went that high during a conversation. I was laying the interest on thick. I'm very curious why, out of all the pictures I saw the news crew take that day, they decided this particular photo was the one they wanted to showcase the career fair. There is absolutely no way that this is even close to the best of the best.

Maybe they wanted to use it to entice viewers. "See what is so amazing that this lady's eyebrows migrated to her forehead...tonight at 10."

I promise my eyebrows did not stay like that. I now look as normal as I ever have. 

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