That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Got Lucky Charms?

When I went to take my finals at school a couple weeks ago, I came home with more than a passing grade. 

I had to schedule my exams separately than the other students, because of all things, I came down with Shingles. Again. This time, 3 days before finals were to be taken. I was so sick and had such a high fever, I was hallucinating. Fun times, yo. 

You would think it would be nice to get to take your finals at a later date. I mean, that's only extra studying time, right? Not when you're in bed, burning your brain and internal organs, and taking round-the-clock medications for a nasty disease. I got zero extra studying out of it. Grr. 

So I went to school after I was feeling somewhat better and was able to be up without passing out. I was waiting for one of my instructors when she walked in with a gallon of milk and set it on my lap. Everyone around us stopped what they were doing. She said, "We're going on vacation after I'm done here and this milk will go bad before we get back. I thought, 'who can use milk? Oh, yeah, Eddi Girl must go through a lot of milk'." 

I got to carry this gallon of milk to the computer room and set it on the table next to me while I took my final. When I came out, my instructor told me that someone else had seen me through the glass door and went back to her to ask why I brought milk to school. My instructor said, "Oh, who knows. I don't ask why she does what she does anymore." 

I love that woman. She speaks my language.

Takin' my milk home from school.

When my other instructor came in for my next final, I was sitting there with my milk. She saw me and said, "Oh, you're the one I heard about carrying milk around here." I told her that my other instructor didn't want it to go bad so she brought it to me because a person with 8 people in their house must go through a lot of milk. She said, "Does she always give you her milk?" 

I had to carry it with me to a few more rooms before I left. Each room contained another person or two to ask me why I was carrying milk. I gave everyone a different answer. The last 2 people to ask me as I was walking out the door to my truck got, "In case I run into some Lucky Charms." 

As the door shut behind me I heard, "You never know what that woman is going to say or do, do you?"

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