That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Do You Mean We Must Chill Our Own??

Okay, so I meant to post this earlier but then I had life get in the way. That's my way of saying I forgot that I took the picture. I think it's still awesome and share-able. 

Outside the grocery store in Small Town, USA...

Bad News
No Cold Beer Till July 21
So Sorry

The store was remodeling their current beer cooler to make it bigger to please their many customers' desire for many cold beers. Thank goodness that was the reason 'cause there could have been a riot if it was for an unworthy cause. Like making more room for fresh vegetables. 

Whew. Crisis averted. 

And this totally does not support out-of-staters' opinions of Wisconsinites. Not at all. 

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