That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Still Working on Reducing Stress

I've been working on this whole "letting things go" thing...Let it goooo...Let it goooo...

As if you didn't see that coming. Ha. 

So I've been working on it. Like anything else, it's a process and it's not easy. It's difficult to change lifelong habits/traits. I am slowly learning that not everything has to be solved the second I know about it. Some things can wait. Some things will work themselves out. 

Wow, what a new concept. 

In class yesterday, the instructor was discussing viruses that take over when a person is under stress. I feel eyes on me and I turn to see the student next to me, who is the only student who knows about my lovely trip to the hospital, pointing her pen at me with The Look. She doesn't have kids, but dang, when she does, those kids will sit up straight and close their mouths the second they see their Mother make The Look. It was impressive. I was chastised. 

Out of everyone that is on me to learn to relax (which, if you think about it, could really only be counter productive..."Relax! Now!"), she may be the one to just scare stress right out of me with The Look. 

Last night while talking to hubby about this whole Operation Let It Go stuff, he decided to teach me via pictures what each stage of this operation looks like. Enjoy. 

"This is the starting point.
This is Stress."
"This is where you're
at. Learning to Relax."
"This is the goal. Relaxed."

After that lesson, I'm 100% sure I do not want to be Relaxed. I don't want to be any of those steps but I do not want to look Relaxed if that is what it means. We are trying to avoid me having a stroke. I don't want to look like I had one anyway. 

Hubby told me to make my best Stressed face. I imitated his portrayal of Stressed and...

...I was phot bombed by
a finger. Dang it.

And with the camera out, we did what we do. We took random Face Pictures and then came up with commentary to go along with them. This is hubby's version of what story these pictures are telling. 

Him:Did she hear
that rumble in
my belly? Why,
yes, she did.

Him: I couldn't hold
it in.
Her: Uh...that's...

Her: That fills the room,
doesn't it?

Her: just realized 
that wasn't just gas
Him: I'm so
Her: Say cheese!
Him: just realized it
just gas

Just realized these are his
pair of khakis

Then this happened. 


I may absorb more stress than is healthy but I still know how to have fun. 

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