That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fairy Garden

Ginger Girl, Little Blondie, and I made a Fairy Garden.

A work in progress.

Ginger Girl with the flower garden
she made. This pic was taken in June--

it was a wee bit chilly then.

Close up. 

Tire swing.

Fence at end of walkway.

Other end of fence.
Fire pit.

With benches.

Cooking supplies. Butter. Canned peaches.
Rolling pin (everyone wants biscuits over
a fire, right?) And beer! Fairy beer.

Glass ball yard ornament thingy that I
made like the one my Great Gram
always had in her front yard. 

Clothesline and clothes pins.

Flower pot by pathway.
Chair Big D made.

The front door covered in rose
vines & steps up to door. And golf
clubs in case Golfing Fairies
show up. We are accomodating.

Pond with lily pads made by Ginger Girl.

Again with the golf clubs 'cause, dude,
fairy golf clubs...why not? 

For all their dining needs.
Fairy vegetable garden.

 See the potatoes peeking out of the dirt? Love 'em. 

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