That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Since I share pictures of my kids before, during, and after the dentist, I'll share my own. Because I'm totally sexy and I know it. 


And my dentist and his assistant thought it was hysterical when they walked in to see me taking selfies. They didn't believe I would put them on the blog. Ha ha, you'd think they just met me. 

Deep breaths.
Plastic gas. 

Look at gassed up Eddi...
...she makes silly faces.

Numb face. "Am I smiling?"

I love how numbing my mouth always makes my eye swell and creates a lovely pouch under my eye. Who wouldn't love that? It's a trip to walk through a grocery store like this and see the looks people give you. They're not sure whether they should call for immediate medical attention or if they should tell you to sleep off whatever you got yourself into.

Last time I had gas, they gave me just a wee bit too much. My dentist realized it when I reached out for something...the 3 dancing bears wearing plague doctor masks that were annoying the heck out of me.


Even creepier on him.

I was reaching out to grab the bears in masks because they were moving really slowly with their arms held out and it was bugging me. I wanted them to move at a normal speed and put their arms down. And for a reason that my gassed brain didn't comprehend at the time, every time I tried to tell the bears to "be normal, dammit!" I would hear, "No, no, keep your mouth open for me."

Where was that voice coming from & why does my mouth need to be open? The next thing I knew the 3 bears with their creepy movements started laughing behind their masks & one of them said that the gas needed to be lowered. Then the bears were gone and my dentist & his assistant were back. Magic that stuff. It brings out creepy animals and makes people disappear. Whoa.

This time there were no bears nor were there any old time doctor's masks, which I was very grateful for. 

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