That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eddi Girl: Pet Groomer

One day 4 years ago, after paying a groomer yet again for a job I was only okay with, I said, "I can do this muh self and save me tons of dollars, honey child. Mmhmm." Head bob. Puckered lips. Finger snap.

I grabbed the clippers from the bathroom and found the  victim dog. Three days, cramped back and hands, and more than a few "Dammit, Zipper!" & "Break another nail & I'll break you!" outbursts later, I decided it was not worth it.

Hubby may have been the one to decide it first because he lives by the motto happy wife happy life. While he may have been slightly worried about me actually breaking the dog over another broken nail, I think he was actually more worried that I'd turn on him if I couldn't find the dog.

Thankfully the dear Lord heard my  husband's cries and sent me the most awesome Girl Scout leader for my daughter's troop. A.Maz.Ing. And she just happened to own a pet grooming business.

And that is who saved Zipper's life. And my nails.

For the last couple years we were so pleased with her work that I happily handed the $$ over to her. She did a great job and Zipper would bounce up and down when you said her name because he loved her so much. I also got in some social time while she groomed him and I didn't have to hack away at the dog with the clippers.

Then one day she broke my heart. She had to quit her business for health reasons. I totally understand and support her decision and at the same time I knew I'd never find anyone as amazing as her.

After giving other groomers a chance and not liking what was done, I said to the hubster, "Why don't we give it another shot? Get actual grooming clippers and see if we can do it the way we like it done and save money every month."

The clippers were the same price as one grooming so if we didn't want to do it ever again, no harm no foul. If we found it was easier with pet clippers, we'd be rollin' in the dough, baby!

Hubby did the back, legs, and belly. He insisted I do anything that required attention to detail: feet, toes, ears, face, eyelashes, poof on tail.

Happy dog loves getting groomed.

Even if he has to be upside
down for it.

Hubby was having trouble
getting the belly until Ginger
Girl had an idea. 

The final  project look.

"See how handsome
I am?"
I got every last
hair between his toes.

I'm pretty proud of our joint effort. He went from 3" of super thick, curly hair where we couldn't even see his toenails and had to keep the hair out of his face with ponytails to perfectly groomed in a very short time. With so much hair, I felt the need to say to hubby, "Don't cut off his penis! It's in there somewhere." With us doing this in our garage with the garage door open, I do wonder what the neighbors thought on that one.

It didn't take long and no nails or pets were harmed in the process. It's amazing what you can do when you have the right tools. Now that I'm a professional and know everything there is to know about pet grooming, here's a tip: human clippers are not the same as pet clippers.


  1. Dog grooming and obtaining pet supplies need not be expensive. There are basic steps that need to be done which involves dedication like giving your dog a bath and a grooming

  2. The same dog groomer broke my heart. Wonder if I can get her to still cut my doggies nails though, as he has black tootsie's and I always manage to make his bleed cuz I cut the quick.
    Things that make you go hmmmm...

    1. I wonder if she knows she is such a heart breaker.
      Black tootsies are definitely the worst. Maybe if you text her pics of his toes all covered in bandages with an SOS message? Hmm is right.


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