That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ice Pack, Anyone?

I asked hubby for an ice pack. 

He brought me this.

"Hey, it's only a buck so it's cheaper than those other ice packs and it'll never freeze solid so it won't be a hard block on your back." 

I just looked at him. 

"What?" he shrugged his shoulders.

I said, "What if it leaks?"

"Then the dog will lick it off the couch and sleep good. Win win."

He walked away.

Men are so weird. 

Don't tell him I actually used it, 'cause he might start thinking he gets good ideas and we don't need to fill his head with those thoughts, but what can I say? It held the cold longer than the gel ice packs and was the perfect size for where I needed it. Guess he's onto something. 

Daily's can start marketing it as multi-purpose: "Now you can do more than just drink your troubles away, you can soothe them too!" 

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