That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pride Tears & Cold Coke

Ginger Girl brought me a Coke while I was studying. I thought it was so sweet that she thought about me, all locked up in my dungeon by mysef while everyone else enjoys the pool and summer vacation, and I was really touched.

In 1/10 of a second I had all these thoughts rolling all around, getting tangled in each other: she has paid attention all these years, she has learned from me that you think about other people and anticipate their needs, you let others know you love and care about them by taking care of them, when someone is working you respect their time and do what you can to make it just a wee bit easier for them, everyone should be thoughtful of each other...

As my heart is about to explode from the sweet, loving, child smiling in front of me as she set the ice cold Coke down in front of me, I asked, "How did you know I wanted one?"

She stood there, just looking at me with a duh look. She stood there, silently crushing all my thoughts with the one look of, "You always want a Coke."

As I returned to my laptop, each thought bubble was popped and the thoughts inside of those thought bubbles were poofed. Those lovely thoughts about my child learning from watching me...they just vanished.

Suddenly they were replaced by tears of pride and a smile crossed my face as the biggest, best thought bubble floated through my mind. "She's perfected the Eddi Look. I didn't even have to guess at what she was thinking." My kids really do learn from their Mama.

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