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That's Me

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Phantom of the Opera

Mr. & Mrs. Eddi Girl

Last week we went to see hubby's favorite show, Phantom of the Opera. Actually, we went to see the re-imagined Phantom of the Opera. Hubby still loved it, though he loves the original more, & I thought it was amazing.

Even though I was in pain & wanted to be in bed, not crushing my Evil Back even more by sitting up, I loved the show. Not the most fun night considering the pain that made me cry more than once, and some strong drugs would have gone a long way to help in that way, but how could I not love the music?

I had worked for 7 hours on finals projects before going to the show. That's a long time to work on homework. It sucked. I had elenventy billion assignments due Sunday night at 11:55 and 11:59. 'Cause it's not difficult enough to keep track of all the assignments and readings, I also have to keep track of which classes are due at 11:55 and which classes are due at 11:59. They could make something easier, dang it.

I had committed to working all day on Sunday in order to go to Phantom, but I didn't know it would actually be all day. 14 hours later...if parts of my body had actually fallen off due to the extreme amount of exhaustion blanketing my entire body, I wouldn't have noticed because I was to the point where nothing wanted to move ever again. Ever. Again.

Back to was our first night enjoying the benefits of being partners of the place that we love so much. They treat their partners well, my friend. I loved sitting in the lounge before the show and at  halftime intermission.

They really let 
us in here!?

Indeed they did.

"Look sophistocated so I can put
this on my blog & pretend it's
our own library at home."

"Wait...this looks totally 
different than our library. 
Where's the toilet?"

My poor, poor Half Brain. She really wanted to go to the show, but because she just had surgery, she couldn't go. I told her I would bring a Mini Half Brain with me, but silly girl didn't believe me. Well...

I did.
And Mini Half Brain had a wee
bit too much wine. 
We had lots of fun!

After the show. 

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