That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In the Last Week...

In the last week, Blondie graduated 8th grade...

Before her ceremony, I had to perform some seamstress magic on Blondie's dress. With just 40 minutes before we had to leave, of course. Nothing ever requires my attention to detail when there is more than an hour to go.

Standing in my room, in front of the screen door, I handed Blondie safety pins that I was going to use to mark my spots. I told her, "Open these and hand me one when I need it." Simple enough, right?

Classic Blondie.
She couldn't just stand & hold the pins;
she had to discover a new pin cushion.

In the last week, Ginger Girl called the end of 5th grade "bittersweet". She was excited for summer and to be a year older in school, but she cried every time she thought about leaving her teacher. Ginger Girl's teacher was so much like me, it was kinda scary--and since Ginger Girl is such a Mama's Girl, it's no surprise that she became very attached to this teacher. It was heart breaking for me to see both her teacher & Ginger Girl cry at the thought of the end of the year.

We made Ginger Girl's teacher a fun bag full of gifts with cheesy little sayings that we came up with...

A water bottle. The
attached card says:
"Because of you,
my cup of knowledge
runneth over."

We filled the inside of the cup with dry erase markers ("we have to get her dry erase markers 'cause she goes through so many of those!") and another card...

"You left a mark(er) on me!"

Ginger Girl really liked the inspirational quotes that her teacher had hung up around the classroom & wanted to add to her collection. Before this school year started, I had written something about having dreams and aspirations and the strength to achieve them, you just have to decide to use it. I wrote it for Ginger Girl, who often doubts herself, framed it, & it sits on her dresser. (See, I told ya the teacher & I are alike.) Ginger Girl asked me to type up the same thing for her teacher & we framed it.

We also have a little joke with the teacher because she likes "relaxation time". When her class would get a little rowdy and needed refocusing, she would tell them it was relaxation time and everyone had to close their eyes and rest for 5 minutes. Ginger Girl told me she thought the teacher really just wanted a nap like I do & this was her way to sneak one in. So we knitted her...

A sleep mask.

Into a cute beach bag went all of our wrapped up cheesy love.

In the last week, I also showed up to my hair stylist and had just a few requirements: keep the back shaved and the top spiked, sides short so they're not in my face, and not so obviously lopsided anymore. That was it. I love her so much because she can read my mind...

Summer haircut. 

In the last week, one of my flower gardens became happy. And I'm pretending the weeds are not there...

Yellow irises in the back.

In the last week, I told hubby I wanted to make a fairy garden. I came home to find that he started it for me, exactly where & how I had said I wanted it, so that I didn't have to do the heavy, not-fun work part. He even buried the round bricks exactly how I was going to. How awesome is that?

The beginning of Eddi's Fairy Garden.
Again, with the reading my mind. 
In the last week, my herb and vegetable gardens are as happy as that flower garden.

Catnip & sage have decided they rule the
herb garden. 
That's a whole lotta spanish onions. 

2 rows of arugula & 2 rows of mixed lettuces.
Tomato babies!

In the last week, I gained another happy flower garden...

Some of my purple irises. 

2 shades of purple on 1 stem.

Love the different shades on
1 stem. 
Sticking its tongue out.

In the last week, Zipper has been very happy his mama, Ginger Girl, is not off neglecting him by going to school.

"He's a baby, Mommy!"
(in a blanket-lined laundry basket)
"He loves it!"
"See his smile?"

Those are faces of True Love.

In the last week, hubby has known exactly how to help me during finals. He has been doing a lot to make sure that I can focus on studying instead of on other, not as important things. He's taken over cooking, kids' schedules, figured out how everyone is getting where they're going, and taken a lot of things off my shoulders. He scheduled me a massage, facial, & body wrap for this week (my Mother's Day present from the kids) so I got some relaxation time in.

And he made me a
Harry Potter Butterbeer.

The boy knows how to
ease my stress.

In the last week, I heard gurgling coming from the area of the pool. I discovered...

...was clogged with
all of this.

There were so many helicopters in the filter, there wasn't room for water. Hence the gurgling.

And in the last week, my house has looked and smelled all prettified with the bounties of the gardens.

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