That's Me

That's Me

Friday, June 6, 2014

Future Nurses?

Being in nursing school, you would not be surprised to hear that I can talk about all parts of the human anatomy without hesitation or blushing. Nevermind that I am not the blushing type anyway. But I can say penis and vagina just as easily as I can say toe or finger. 

I've raised my kids this way too. I didn't use baby words for their bits & pieces. When my 18 month old daughter asked, "Wha dat on de baby, Mama?" (yeah, she had a large vocabulary & liked to use it, precious little bugger) while I was changing 1-month old #2, I didn't say he had a peepee. I told her, "That's his penis." I wasn't going to make it a big, giggly deal then & I don't see a reason for it now. 

My #4 child had That Video in school just a few weeks ago. She was in 5th grade, so I know you know which video I mean. The month leading up to The Day of That Video the kids in her grade were getting increasingly nervous over what they believed they would be watching. As the nerves increased, the giggles increased. After the 6,000 boobie/period joke, my daughter could not take it anymore. She turned to the group of girls giggling away and said, "What is the big deal? It's a vagina. It's a period. Who cares? Time to be mature." Proud Mama. 

So while I've raised my kids that body parts are body parts, just because they're to be covered around other people doesn't mean they hold any giggle or shame factors, not everyone has been raised this way.

I was reminded of this when a fellow student started talking about her step-daughter's medical issues during class. First off, it bugs me when other students use class time as free medical advice time...I paid to learn from the person in front of us, not hear you ask why it burns when you I was already in a not great mood towards her. But then...but then...oh, dear me...then she said what made me choke on my water. 

While talking about the little girl's yeast her vaginal area, mind you...this woman said, "Her uvula is all red." Uvula. Go look it up if you're unsure or have never heard that word before. Really. I'll wait. 

Now go look up vulva. 

This is a nursing student. Who, not once, not twice, but three times talked about this girl's uvula as if it was a part of her vagina. That third time, dude, I lost it. If I'd known she was going to say it again, after it had already made me choke, I would not have been drinking water at that precise moment in time. Thankfully I got my hands up to my mouth fast enough that I caught all the sprayed water before it hit my netbook and phone. 

She is far enough in her nursing school career that this should not be happening. I fear for her. 

Just as much as I fear for The Other Student in this class. The Other Student doesn't even try to pronounce the parts of female genitalia. At least I can give the other one that. This one, during a discussion in a class that is not only all nursing students, but also all women, talked about "lady-part problems". I have no idea if that means cramps, heavy bleeding, warts, a uterus falling out of a body, or what exactly, because a person that says "lady-part problems" is not going to clarify for you. No matter how much you beg. I know. 

Oh please, Lord, let us all have clinicals together so I can be there to witness them say this to a patient or nurse. I so bad want to be there on that day. 

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