That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Children Are Not Baby Cows

There are some points of nursing school that my family loves. Like when I can tell what that rash is and open my large arsenal of pharmaceuticals and take care of it right there on the spot (pun not intended). Or when I can explain what is going on and how to treat the source rather than give them something that will just cover up the symptoms.

There are yet other parts of nursing school that they un-love. Like when I...

...tell them they aren't dying from vomiting, sniffling, or aching, I know how to take care of it, so no need for the doctor. their bluff and tell them to get off the couch and go do their jobs because their symptoms don't match the ailment they're hoping to convince me of. 

...add another 4 supplements to their daily bowl of vitamins because I just learned the value of increasing vitamin D to 5,000 IU or I want to avoid iodine deficiency after writing a paper on the increased risks for our area.

...omit some beloved food from our diet, again from a paper I wrote or a lecture I participated in.

They really don't love when any of the above happens. That's when they are just oh so thrilled to have a Mama in nursing school. The hubby man told the nurse at his check-up when she asked if he takes any vitamins, "I take 2 brown ones, 1 white one twice a day, 4 yellow wife's in nursing school. I just take what & when she tells me to." Brat.

Hubby told me the pill holder I got him a few months ago is now too small to hold all of his supplements each day. Rather than take that as a sign that he is taking enough, I'll get him another pill holder. 

I did a bunch of research on how humans digest and tolerate dairy, or actually don't, particularly milk goat or cow milk. I shared my research with hubby and together we have decided to eliminate dairy milk from our diet at home & go to organic almond, rice, coconut, & soy milks. Boy Teenager already drinks the alternatives & will drink an entire half gallon of soy milk in one sitting. While everyone else has a glass in front of them, Boy Teenager is sitting at dinner with the entire carton of soy milk. Teenage athletes, I tell ya. 

Hubby & I like the alternative milks. Big D & Little Blondie didn't even realize they were drinking soy milk & Amazing Grace never drinks milk so I knew they wouldn't care. Ginger Girl is on board. 

The one that surprised me is the child who grew up on rice & almond milks from the time she weaned at 1 1/2 to 5 years old because she was allergic to dairy. Before she was 1 1/2, if I had even 1 piece of cheese, she would get horribly sick and have raw & bleeding eczem. Thanks to a lot of patience on my part & careful, well-spaced out, slow introducing of dairy at 5 years old, Blondie is now able to have an exact, very small amount of dairy each day without any symptoms. 

I thought Blondie would be fine with the switch since she had alternative milk for years. It is quite obvious that she doesn't remember those milks because this was her reaction...

"You are milk untrustworthy!!"

**P.S. She was fake crying. Not happy, but still not real crying.**

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