That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Watson May or May Not Have Broken the Scale

Even in a tight ball,
he's enormous.
Come on,
that's just adorable. 

In an attempt to reach up and pull at any part of me that he could while I was brushing my teeth, Watson stepped on the scale and inadvertently turned it on. I didn't get a picture of it, because it's gross to have a phone in the bathr...hahaha...I couldn't even finish that sentence. I totally take my phone in the bathroom with me. That's when I have time to play word games. 

I didn't have my phone because it's midnight, I was brushing my teeth after having a literal Midnight Snack of Rice Krispy Cake Pop Thing (that the awesome chef Amazing Grace made) & Coke, & really didn't think anything interesting would happen.  I'm always wrong (I better clarify this part or hubby will use it against me for the rest of our life together, "You admitted on your blog that you're always wrong..." Yeah, no. I'm not in the mood for that.) I'm frequently disappointed in my assumption of when interesting things happen. 

You'll just have to take my word for it when I say that I peeked at the scale to see how much fat cat weights & was shocked to see 78



Okay, I know that he  can't possibly doesn't weigh 78 lbs., simply because he hasn't crushed my chest in his many, several, too many, constant, frequent, always, countless Moments of Needy Love where he lays on my chest in the middle of the night when I'm sound asleep, in the morning when I start to wake up, at night when I first lay down, during the night when I am just starting to fall asleep...he's heavy, oh he's heavy, but I didn't think he was 78 lbs. heavy. 

I better look at that scale 'cause either it's broken, since the last time I weighed Watson he was 26 lbs., or I may have broken ribs from him crushing my chest. 

He has to squish into a ball
to fit on a PILLOW.

""What, you weren't expecting to use this
pillow tonight, were you?"

Or I could leave it as is and wait outside the bathroom door to hear hubby when he gets on the scale in the morning. I'd like to hear what he says when he thinks he's gained 52 pounds in 24 hours.

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