That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, March 8, 2014

We Grow 'Em Big 'Round These Parts

Amazing Grace had surgery almost 3 weeks ago and this week Blondie had a minor surgery. I would have appreciated more of a break between the 2 procedures, or not had the necessity of surgeries at all, but you deal with what you gotta deal with.

The night before & the morning of her minor surgery, Blondie had to take 2 anti-anxiety pills that were prescribed for her because she was so extremely upset and nervous about it. I was hoping for some entertainment from her after she took that, but all she did was sleep. A lot.

Poor child couldn't
stay awake on the
drive to her

When we got there the next day, for her procedure, the med wasn't enough. She started getting pretty worked up again, so she got...The Gas.

Blondie waving her arms around
 because she couldn't feel them.
It helped a lot.

Blondie wanted me with her, so they let me stay in the little room so I could hold her hand. At one point Blondie forgot to breath through her nose, to get The Gas that kept her happy, & she had a full blown panic attack. Poor girl. They had just started doing the work, but they still went to get Amazing Grace when I told them that Blondie needed both Amazing Grace & me so she could calm down. I appreciated that they did for us, just as much as my heart melted when I was once again reminded of the bond between these sisters, my girls.

Amazing Grace cannot
handle blood or much of
medical anything, but
she stayed tough for
her little sister. 

And why was Blondie enduring so much that day? Because of her Freak Tooth, as she named it. A tooth that is over twice the size it should be, 3 times the width it should be, and possibly made up of a baby tooth that divided 3 times and then merged the 4 teeth into 1. That tooth was stuck in her jaw, unable to do anything but put pressure on her other teeth and jaw, and astound us on x-rays. 

I give you: Freak Tooth.

1 long, sharp root.

Shark tooth? Nope.
Freak Tooth.

Pretty impressive. 

That is supposed to be a bicuspid. Poor Blondie.

That poor girl put up with a lot with that space thief in her mouth. She put up with even more having it removed and the Tooth Fairy felt especially sorry for her & deposited $20 into her surprised little hands.

Hey, when a child's mouth gives birth to the equivalent to a 9 1/2 lb. baby and she has to have 8 stitches and lots of pain because of it, the Tooth Fairy cries twenty dollar bills out of sympathy.

Of course, that's before she gets the bill for the procedure. After seeing that, they're not money tears. 

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