That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Amazing Grace: Singing, Chauffeuring, Cold, & Annoyed

Last Saturday, one of my best friends, Maid of Honor, surprised me and joined me for the first part of one of my Crazy Saturday Run-Arounds. She came to one of Ginger Girl's basketball games and then joined me as I dashed off before the game was over to pick up Amazing Grace & head to her solo ensemble. 

After an hour drive & then an hour wait in the hall while Amazing Grace & her friend warmed up for their duet, it was finally time to hear what we came to hear. 

It was time for Amazing Grace & Added Daughter to sing. When Amazing Grace is about to sing for choir or solo ensemble, I get so excited that I look like I'm nervous. I get jittery and feel like I'm going to pee my pants, as if I'm the one who is going to be in front of a judge singing. 

I got pictures of the girls as they were waiting for the judge to be ready for them to start their piece. 

I know what those looks mean.
"Does your Mom have to take
pictures of everything?"
"Mom, put it down."

Don't they just look thrilled to have me there with my camera. They secretly were, I promise. 

Maid of Honor got them to loosen up by making faces and gestures at them. 
She did a good job
loosening them up.

Too good.

It's blurry, but cute.

Listening to these girls sing made my heart melt. I could listen to them until their voices ran out. I just love to hear Amazing Grace sing & these 2 together have beautiful harmony. 

When we left, it was very cold outside because it's Wisconsin and Mother Nature hates us, but I had had to park half a mile away. Amazing Grace was doing her very best to con me into doing what hubby did for her last year after solo ensemble. 

He carried her so she didn't have to walk on
snow & ice in her heels.

Apparently not having to walk in the cold, & being carried in it instead, keeps a person warmer. I don't know. Sometimes it's better not to ask. 

As we walked to the car, because no one was being carried, because no boys were around to carry anyone, Amazing Grace let us know that riding with 2 Ms. Menopauses is the least enjoyable thing she has done all month. Don't forget she had surgery 3 weeks ago. The only reason: the heat was way, way down.

She said the truck was very cold & knowing that I prefer to be a passenger rather than the driver, Amazing Grace offered to drive home if that meant she could be in charge of the heater. Hmm...

I tossed her the keys. 

Maid of Honor & I got in the back seat & we were chauffeured. I turned off the heat in the back seat & Amazing Grace's heat from the front made its way to us so we were hot, but hey, we were chauffeured.

Before we left the parking lot...

I like having teenagers
that can drive me

"If you guys don't behave back

"...I'll take that camera away."

"Seriously. You 2 are

What can I say? I've carted her and her friends around for the last 17 years. Payback is rather enjoyable.

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