That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get Your Rest, Dear

Whenever the kids have any kind of ailment they must recover from--illness, surgery, injury, major calculus test--I always tell them some variation of the same thing: "Your body heals 3 times faster while sleeping than awake."

Now that they are all used to hearing it, they can finish my sentence. "You need to get rest, sweetie, you heal..." "...faster when you're sleeping." Good kids.

One day this week Blondie was telling me exactly how many hours she'd slept the night after her minor surgery. I said, "That's good. That's how you..." She cut me off & said, "Heal."

Then Blondie surprised me with this proclamation: "Mom, when you die, I'm going to put on your grave stone, 'It's a good thing you're getting rest now so you'll get better eventually'."

I'm guessing they've all heard it one too many times if one of the kids is now wanting to permanently mark my final resting spot with my own words.

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