That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mother Nature Missed Her Meds

Winter started out like a pretty little picture being painted by the wonderful Mother Nature. She's quite the artist & takes her time drawing such beauties for us here in Wisconsin. We are so very blessed to live where Mother Nature graces us with her beautiful artwork...

Pretty snow-covered corn field.
December 2013

A nice winter picture.

...until she missed her meds and went all psycho bonkers on us.

January 2014
Not so pretty 
now, is it?
Same section of road as the 
above pictures, going the 
opposite direction, 
just 15 days later.

Or somewhere along the way Mother Nature decided she hates all of mankind & she's taking it out on those of us who are at her mercy.

Either way, Father Time better step in & help us poor, defenseless, little humans out a wee bit.

Mother Nature is a bitch.
February 2014
"Is there a road there? 
I know I was on a road 
at one point."

If she's not on the Ultimate PMS Tidal Wave or missing her meds, I have 1 more theory. Winter stopped being pretty once Mother Nature decided she hated her job &, realizing she could neither quit nor be fired, decided she would just let us all feel her hatred. Similar to a Mother going on strike and refusing to buy groceries or wash another pair of dirty britches, only much colder and much meaner.

March 2014
My side yard. I've lost numerous
children in the mound of snow-
sleet-slush crap Mother
Nature has dumped on my yard. I'll

count all remaining children once 
spring hits. 
At this point you just gun it out of
the driveway & hope no one is
stupid enough to be out walking
in the freezing weather 'cause
there's no way you would see them
over the mounds on either side of
the driveway. 

Mother Nature better get over herself soon 'cause I'm definitely over her madness. It's getting dangerous to drive anywhere because all the corners of streets keep getting piled with more & more snow. Each day you have to edge farther and farther out to see if there's any oncoming traffic. Give me a few more days & I'll be checking for oncoming traffic from the oncoming traffic.

Seriously, Mother Nature, WTF?

Fun times. Fun times.

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