That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mission: Bring Back '90's Fashion

I absolutely love one of my instructors this quarter. She's an excellent educator, she's funny in a medical dork kind of way, & we have a lot in common. She has multiple medical degrees, & is just fascinating to talk to. For the first time ever, I actually enjoy talking to one of my instructors. And, amazingly enough, she's actually taken time to get to know each of her students on a personal level, not just as numbers. I'm so glad I switched to this school, 'cause that did not happen at my last school. 

One day while we were all getting our lab groove on, Ms. Fun Genius decided to bring back a wee bit of fashion from when we were younger. 1 of the girls reminded us just how long it's been since we were "younger" when she said, "My Mom told me about how you guys used to do that, but I've never seen it." Nothing deflates the good ol' ego balloon like being compared to a 19 year old's Mother. 

Ms. Fun Genius found the only woman wearing jeans, who just so happened to be young enough that she also had never before worn this fashion statement. My awesome instructor implemented what I call her Bring Back the 90's plan. As we were working away, our instructor was on the floor, at this woman's feet.

...and paraded her
around the school
so that everyone could
admire her work.
She tight rolled this
woman's pants... 

This woman proudly wore her tight
rolls. Until she got to the exit.  
Notice: she was showing off her style, but her face is not shown in these pictures. I'll let you decide how truly proud she was.

Watching this woman walk around the school, with the rest of the class walking behind her because we couldn't be left out of the fun of seeing everyone's reactions as the instructor showed her off, I realized why this fashion statement is defunct. What were we thinking and why did we let it go on as long as it did?

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