That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watson the Needy Toddler Cat

No matter where I'm studying, Watson hates it. Not the location, mind you. It's the actual studying that stresses him out. 

"Hey. I'm right here.
I know you were looking
for me."
If I sit on the bed...
"Just waiting for you to
notice me here."

"Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Can't you see me?"
"What if I shake my head really
fast? Make ya wanna pet me?"

"Dammit, woman, put
that thing down & pet me."

Or I look away for a second...

"Why would I sleep on
another section of the
gigantic soft bed that is
not covered by books
when I can sleep here?"
"So comfy."

Or sit at my desk...

"Give me that hand. Put it on my
head. Scratch. Hey. Hey. You're
not listening."

He doesn't give up...

"Since you won't pay
attention to me, I will
repeatedly smack you
with that thing behind me."
"I wanna see what's so
important over there."

"Just move over a little bit.
I'm not quite on your lap yet"

"Shoulder wasn't good enough.
You didn't know I was there."

"It's okay if I don't completely
fit on your lap.
That's what the arm of the
chair is for."
"I know you secretly wanted me
to sit right here on your lap."

"I'm really good at being
sneaky. You don't even
know I'm here."
"I rub my head on your arm
cuz I love you oh so very much."

"I have no problem sitting here. I
don't know why you push me off."

This cat seriously cannot deal with me doing something without him. 

"This is the best place to be."

Just when my kids no longer do this to me, I have Watson. 

"Hey, look, I'm
up here again."
And this is just over me ignoring him. You should see the guy when I dare to have any type of food. You'd think I was slowly killing him with all his wailing and trying to climb up my leg. 

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