That's Me

That's Me

Friday, March 21, 2014

Watson's Weird Habits, Quirks, & Fetishes

Watson is so weird. I know there are cats that do weird stuff, but he does all the weird stuff that all the cats do. He couldn't just have one weird trait, he had to be every weird cat to have ever lived in the entire history of living cats.

"If you have a foot fetish &
you know it, bite a toe." 

I have never before met a cat that begs for foot rubs in the little spots between the pads on his back paws. Just the back paws. The dripping drool pouring out of his mouth is evidence of the joy he experiences while getting that spot rubbed. 

"Yeah, that's the spot."

I'm never sure what to think of the way he sits.  

He is...straddling me. 

"What you want?"
"What you lookin' at?"

"Just chillin'. How 'bout you?"

"Don't mind me while I get this spot."

Or lays.

"I sleep with my legs in the air 'cause I'm
cool like that."

He picks the most random spots to lay down. Then when you need to get into, say the fridge or move quickly through a room, he looks at you like he's royalty. 

"I chose this spot, so
you'll just have to get
food elsewhere."

"The middle of the hall
floor is perfectly normal. You
will step over me, minion."

There's also his obsession with hiding things. Specifically my things. His hiding spots are under my bed and under the TV, both places a person can't see under without belly crawling with stretched limbs. Hubby pulled out Watson's stash the other night & Watson ran over and laid on top of it so I couldn't see what he had stored under the TV. 

Every time I tried to move
him, he would push up
against me so that I
couldn't see past his wide girth.
What he stored in
1 day:
2 candles, a pen, a
marker, a battery, a
bouncy ball, nail

Tell me how many people have cats that require this:

Thumb tacks...

...ugly finished project.

"But I liked ripping holes in the screen &
watching you turn red as I ran away."

Then, like a toddler, he sleeps and I realize that he has his cute factor to thank for letting him live through get away with all this naughtiness and weird quirks. 

That is a whole lot of space
to be taken up by 1 cat.

"All that matters is that
I sleep
"I don't care where your
head is going to go."

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