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That's Me

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Last night the hubby man & I went to see Ghost, the Broadway show based on the movie. We had an awesome dinner at an Italian place that serves so much food, we ended up bringing half of it home. We each ate about a quart of cream on our pasta, half a loaf of garlic bread, & enough cheesses to make an absurd amount of pizzas, but hey we had salad & there were tomatoes in the carpese, so that makes up for it, right?

Before the show.

Standing on my tippy toes to make
 hubby feel much shorter than
me than he already is.

First off, let me just say that I was obsessed with the movie Ghost. I know it line by line. As a teenager, I would watch the movie and dream about the day I would have the kind of love between Molly and Sam. I wanted what they had. Without the murder part.

Now I will tell you that the Broadway show Ghost sucked. That's the nicest word I can use to describe it. The songs sucked. The choreography sucked. The story line sucked. They took out the pottery wheel scene. The most famous part of the movie--people who haven't even seen the movie know about that scene--& they take it out. WTF? The girl who played Whoopie's part, Oda Mae Brown, was so over the top that she ruined it. The comedy was lost in translation somewhere in that actress's head. Major parts were removed from the show, so that if you hadn't seen the movie, you'd be confused as to why this or that happened.

In the movie, you get a feel for Molly & Sam's love for each other. It's romantic. It's sweet. It's beautiful. On the stage, all of that was replaced by sex scenes. I don't need to see this new Molly & Sam groping each other. Clawing at each other's clothes =/= in love. From this show, you'd think Molly & Sam were hot for each other & that's it. The majority of the time until Sam is killed is spent with the two of them climbing into each other's laps with half their clothes missing. I'm definitely not a prude and I seriously did not like that at all, simply because it wasn't necessary to the plot. There was so much more they could have done instead.

When the man who murdered Sam later pulled Molly's picture out of Sam's wallet & started himself...I was beyond done. I don't need to see that on a stage. Some people brought their children. I can just imagine that those parents had a lot of 'xplainin' to do with those munchkins in the car on the way home. Again, it didn't add to the plot, so why add something crude just for the sake of adding it?

When you're watching a musical, the dancing should add to the story, it should flow with the music to give you more details about what is going on. This, very sadly, was missing that. The dancing was choppy, had nothing to do with what was going on or being sung about, and always seemed out of place or thrown together. And now the songs...they were just as bad as the choreography. Most of the time, they were misplaced with the scene.

I was impressed when Dead Sam stepped through a solid door. Neither hubby nor I could figure out how they did that one. The only compliment I have for the show is the lead singer had one of the best soprano voices I have ever heard. I was blown away. She never wavered, never got shaky; an amazingly clear soprano.

It was the first time we have ever walked out of a show. It was physically painful to sit through it, waiting until intermission because we didn't want to be rude and bother others...though I did catch quite a few people leaving and not coming back at all...but we managed. So many other people left in disgust, I'm guessing the second act was to a half empty building. Very, very sad indeed.

What we thought of the show Ghost.

We surprised Blondie & Boy Teenager, who had been babysitting, by coming home early. We paid them in our amazing leftovers, which they were beyond willing to take off our hands. Blondie is a bread fanatic & garlic bread is manna from Heaven to her. When I told her we brought some home just for her because they gave us whole loaves of the stuff with our dinners, she was literally drooling at the thought of being served so much bread. Then she tried it. I didn't think there was any way to improve on garlic bread; it's french bread, butter, crushed garlic. This is the best garlic bread in the entire world. Boy Teenager didn't really care what was in all the boxes, he just wanted to eat it. Growing teenagers are notoriously bottomless pits. I have 3 of them in my home right now. Pity me. Now take that growing teenage appetite & add in the appetite of a wrestler who is not cutting weight. I have personally witnessed this child eat a pound of steak, a half pound hamburger with the works on a bun, 2 baked potatoes, a pile of vegetables, & half a gallon of soy milk...all for one meal & in one sitting. It's a truly impressive phenomena, watching this boy eat.

We settled into our comfy bed to watch a show with much better music and choreography than the show we'd just left...

2011 Muppet movie with one of my favorites:

Much, much better than the show we paid more than our monthly cable bill, drove an hour one way, & sat with people we didn't know to watch. And I could enjoy it with my Comfy Blanket & in my comfy pants. 

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