That's Me

That's Me

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hubby's Cooking Lesson

With me studying for finals last week, still reeling from the health scare and recovering, hubby decided he would do all of the cooking and grocery shopping so that it would be one less thing I'd have to think about. We normally share that duty as needed, with whoever has the time and ability to do it taking over. Right now hubby is going to school & working long hours so I typically do more of the cooking than he does. I'm typically home earlier than he is so I have more time to do it & I enjoy making my family happy with foods that they love. Since hubby was on spring break (oh, yeah, 2 parents in school while also working is a whole lot of fun) it was also perfect timing because he actually had time free in the evenings before he had to get working on one of his many projects for work.

Then we realized Monday was my people's holiday and since he's not Irish, I was not going to leave that up to him. Amazing Grace did the shopping for that for me, so all I had to do was cook it. Have I said how much I love having children that drive? 

Other than that night, he had fun planning meals and cooking with the kids. Tuesday was Italian Night and hubby & Ginger Girl made my lasagna recipe. They totally rocked it too. Wednesday was Mexican Night and he made the most amazing portabella mushroom tacos with pico de gallo with jicama in it. They were so good! Thursday was...uh...American Night? Fried chicken, which was a treat because it's Amazing Grace's favorite and we rarely have it. Friday was my absolute favorite. I have no idea what he made for the kids, but he brought us home fish & clam chowder from one of my favorite places. I could eat their clam chowder every single day, it's to die for. 

On Thursday I walked into the kitchen to find my hubby hard at work...

Technology's answer to the cook book.

He was so focused on his task at hand that he didn't notice me behind him.

Computer geek + cooking =
I don't need no stinkin' cook book.

Ginger Girl came in behind me & I made a big show of stopping her in her tracks & motioning towards hubby. I whispered, "Do you see that? He's so used to being in front of a computer all day, he doesn't realize he's not using a real cook book right now."

She paused, watched him for a second, then struggled so hard not to laugh in front of him. Hubby went along with it & asked her why she was watching him. She said, "No reason," & turned around, covered her mouth, & tried so hard to not laugh too loud.

Then Ginger Girl walked over to my very vast collection of cook books, grabbed a random one, & gave that poor man a lesson he will hopefully never forget.

"This is a cook book. See the words
here?  Cook. Book.

It has paper. It's not a computer.
It's cheaper than a computer."

Hubby, the good sport that he is, nodded & asked her what made the book superior to his laptop. Ginger Girl, the one who always has an answer for any question, simply said, "Because that's what it's made for."

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