That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday with Ginger Girl, Eleanor, & Ellie

I'm a very big believer in the Love Languages. I've seen amazing changes in couples & families who pay attention and speak their loved ones' Love Languages. When a child is getting needy, the first thing I ask myself is if their Love Tank is getting empty. While we all show love in our own ways, we don't all accept it in those same ways. In order for everyone to feel completely loved, we need to speak each other's Language.

Ginger Girl's Love Language is Quality Time. She thrives on family nights where everyone plays board games together and one on one time. When she asks for a Ginger Girl Day, I know it's about more than just hanging out with her Mama. It's about filling that Love Tank. I love that she still wants to do things with me, because I know that all too soon kids' time gets filled with school, sports, and friends. And I love speaking each of my kids' Languages to them. I love knowing that what we're doing has a deeper meaning than what it looks like on the surface.

Ginger Girl had announced quite a while ago that she wanted to get me all to herself on the first weekend I had off from school. So this Sunday I got to enjoy a day with just Ginger Girl. Taking after Blondie's love of the selfies when her & I are in the car alone, Ginger Girl used my phone to document our hour-long drive to our destination.

What's a fun day without a treat?
Coke for the Mama,
Shamrock Shake for the child.

"Mmm...McD's Coke."

So goofy.

So happy.

"Mom, I hate wearing shoes
in the car. I just can't do it.
Why do you think that is?"

"Mom! Now I know why.
You don't either!"

At a stop light, mimicking
"stay fierce"  pics...

...and bunny ears.
We went to JoAnn's to get the tulle I'm adding to Amazing Grace's prom dress. While there, Ginger Girl found a fleece pink zebra print she just had to have turned into decorative pillows for her bed. She was so excited when we came home and sewed up a round pillow that looks like wrapped candy, with plenty of fabric left over to make a few more later this week. 

After that we hit up Ginger Girl's favorite place: Build-A-Bear. She still had some $$ left on gift cards from Christmas and it was time to spend it. When we got there, she had no idea what she was going to get. After shopping for a wee bit, she got 2 bears that she fell in love with the second she saw them, making her collection a dozen Build-A-Bears. 

We window shopped, real shopped a ton of stuff, smelled perfumes and lotions just for the fun of it, & people watched. I had so much fun with my daughter who is growing too quickly & she won't stop talking about how much fun she had & how happy she is that we got to do so much. 

On the way home Ginger Girl took a bunch of pictures with her new babies.  

Her babies: Eleanor & Ellie.

Ginger Girl, Eleanor,

"They're tired so I
wrapped them in your
sweatshirt, Mom." 

I'm the luckiest Mama ever.

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