That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Day in the Life of Lennon

If you've read more than one post on my blog, you've probably gotten the idea that Watson is my favorite cat. Or most annoying. Whichever you've decided that he is, you may be correct. 

Just so that Lennon doesn't feel left out, I will devote this post to him. I give you: A Day in the Life of Lennon...

7:00a "Wake up
"Don't make me wait."

"See how creepy I
can be?"

"Oh, look, human furniture
for me to lay on."
"Human furniture to pet me."

7:10a "Human furniture did
not get moving fast
" we shall wrestle at
her feet!"

"I hug your neck, Watson!"
"No, you can't get away!"

8:00a ""I'll just help you
write that paper."
"I'm sure you can type
with 1 hand & pet
me with the other."

9a "I've been patient
enough. Pet me."

10a "If you
don't let me outside
right now I will howl
for 2 hours & make
you wish you had."

"6 feet of snow won't
stop me."

"I got this.

11a "Now I shall
wander around the
house looking for
a nap spot."

12:35p "I will sleep here.
No bright lights please."

1p "Gimme food."

"Don't pretend you
don't know I'm

1:10p "I must
sleep now after
all that eating."

2p "Maybe she'll think
Nemo did it,
"She yelled our names.
It didn't work.
Run, Watson!"

3:15p Ginger Girl: "Look,
Mom, Lennon's dancing!"

"He loves it!"

Lennon: "Help."

Ginger Girl & Lennon:

3:30p "I was trying to walk
across the bed but
this purple blanket..."

"...gets me every time."

"I  cannot possibly keep walking over
this thing. Must. Kneed. Blanket."
3:40p "Now I shall sleep
on this luxurious mound of
fleecy wonderfulness."

4:15p "Now I will try
sleeping with my head
upside down."

"And on my belly.

6p"That's right, pet me,
little human

8p "Best way to
sleep. Ever."
"I love my

10:30p "I own this pillow
& Louie. Someone tell
the human furniture
for me."

Lennon is a boring cat. Thankfully he's cute, because he's really pretty useless.

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