That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Creepy World of Creepy Creepers

I have another odd occurrence to add to my list of Only Happens To Eddi moments.

While at work the other day, I was washing the walls. They consider me The Cleaning Freak there 'cause when I'm caught up on everything else, I clean like my life depends on it. Really, I just hate being bored & I love cleaning. That doesn't make me a freak.

So I was cleaning a wall, facing a customer, when I heard a picture being taken. I looked up to see what someone would possibly want to take a picture of in that place, maybe something funny happened outside, & saw the customer facing me had his phone pointed at me. He dropped it & looked down. His friend, facing the other way did that oh so conspicuous laugh but turn it into a coughing fit so no one knows I was actually laughing thing. Then they both looked at me with the oh shit look. 

I backed away behind a wall, grabbed my co-worker & said, "I think I'm freaked out." 

She started to smile & ask why I thought I was freaked but then stopped when she saw the look on my face. She immediately got our boss & I told them what just happened. Just as my boss was thinking of how to ask them if they took a picture of her employee & that her employee was uncomfortable with that, the 2 men grabbed their coats & ran out the door. My co-worker ran to the front & said, "Have a nice day, guys" to get them to turn around but they didn't even stop. Just ran to their truck.

I asked my co-worker & boss if I had a booger on my face. 'Cause, well, if someone is going to take a random picture of me, it's gotta be 'cause I'm doing something weird. They said I didn't have a booger anywhere on my face.

That did it, I figured it out then. My shirt must have fallen forward a wee bit when I was scrubbing the walls. Since I have to bend over a lot at work, I try to wear tops that cover the majority of my cleavage & don't reveal all of Victoria's Secrets when I bend over, but dang, that isn't the easiest, let me tell ya. Shirts are made for average ta-tas. When are shirt makers going to realize that they need to accommodate for the larger than life ta-tas & extend the top part of shirts just a wee bit? If I can do it when I'm sewing, then they can do it too. But no, shirt makers don't care if they suffocate the ta-tas or show them off to the world, so shirts are always either too tight on top but fine on the bottom, too revealing for work, or just right on top but make me look like Shamu on the bottom.

In front of my boss & co-worker I bent over & asked if they could see my boobs. This may have shocked my new co-worker that I'd just met an hour before, but my boss was all, "No, they're covered." She didn't ask why I did that, but my new co-worker had a look of, "I don't get paid enough to suddenly show off my goods." I probably should have taken a few seconds to pat her on the arm and tell her a) I had a reason for doing that b) I don't always do that & c) it's not that kind of place.

Okay, so they didn't take a picture of my twins or of a booger on my face. I'm stumped.

If you find my face graphed onto any portion of a naked body, let me know so I can sue them. I could use the money.

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