That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Peek into a Night at My House

It's never boring in my house. Every day there is something that reminds how adorable every person in this house really is.

The other night I was in My Dungeon, studying away on some ridiculously long case study that I had to pick apart for reasons not explained to me, when some of my children needed Mama Attention. I love it when that happens, because not only does it give me a reason to delay what I don't want to be doing anyway, but I love my chit chats with my kids. I set aside my work & told them to come hither.

Amazing Grace was the first to come in & sit next to me. We were talking about everything on her mind, unloading her stress, laughing at the silliness in a girl's life, & the great things happening for her. After our talk, Amazing Grace got up to take a shower. As she walked toward the door, we kept hearing a swishing sound behind her. We looked to see which cat was following her. Cat must have ran away fast because we couldn't catch which one was doing it.

As she walked down the hall to the bathroom, she kept feeling a cat pawing at her ankle. She would swat at it but the cat wouldn't stop. She'd look down & see nothing. She thought one of the cats was really messing with her & hiding really fast. She stood in the hall turning around in circles really fast, trying to catch whichever cat was messing with her. While turning around, she felt that cat paw at her foot but she couldn't see it. She'd turn the other way really fast, but no cat. She'd feel it again & turn fast in the other direction, still unable to catch the sneaky cat. Let me set this up so you can picture this. Amazing Grace, a very frustrated & determined look on her face, in the middle of the hall, spinning in a circle in one direction, spinning the other way, then the other way, then back again, trying to catch a very sly cat that just doesn't want to be caught.

Amazing Grace gave up & went on her way. Just 2 minutes later she burst through my door, "You didn't feel the need to tell me I had something hanging off of my BUTT?!" She turned around & my t-shirt that had been on the arm of the chair she sat in, was now stuck to one of the pieces of bling on the butt of her jeans. Just hanging there by a teeny tiny wee bit of fabric, swishing like a tail.

No cat.

As I sat in my chair laughing so hard I had tears, she disgustedly threw the shirt at me & blamed a cat anyway.

Then came Blondie for our little chit chat.

I have a candy stash in my room that everyone knows about. Boy Teenager walks straight to my room from walking in the house from anywhere, comes in for a snack to take with him before heading out of the house, & frequently wanders in for snacks at various & sometimes odd times of the day. Hey, I'm not above using candy to entice my son to come to me, because it gives us an extra chance to talk more than the typical grunts I get when he's on his way to his room or the fridge.

That night Boy Teenager got home from work & walked straight into my room where I was with Blondie. As he's smiling a real smile over me saving him half a bag of Chewy Jolly Ranchers, he turns to Blondie & starts talking about one of her friends. Then he asks, ""Why did you tell her I like her butt?"

Blondie, "'Cause that's what you said."

Boy Teenager, all indignant, "No! I said I like her yoga pants."

Blondie argued, "You like her butt in her yoga pants."

Boy Teenager mustered up patience & explained the mind of men to both of us, "No guy can ignore a girl in yoga pants. She has nice pants, that's all."

So it's not the butt, it's the pants. Good to know.

And speaking of Blondie...after Boy Teenager left the room, Blondie focused on the bag of Reese's Pieces as if she was a 14 year old female ET. I have a rule, everyone else must eat the brown ones before they can eat the orange or yellow ones. I don't like the brown ones. They taste...brown & not bright colored. Not in a racist way, just in a not-brightly-colored-candy way. So she was picking the brown ones out & eating them like a good girl so that I don't have to deal with them, when she picked up a flattened, rather funny looking Reese's Piece.

I told her it got stepped on at the plant and they picked it up off the floor and put it in our bag anyway.

"They grow these??" She asked with a look of pure awe.

"Not that kind of plant, dear."

She went on, all excited, as if I hadn't said anything, "How awesome would that be to have a Reese's plant in your backyard and go pick a Reese's Pieces whenever you want it?" I have to admit that'd be pretty gosh darn awesome.

Never boring here.

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