That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big News

Amazing Grace texted me from school when prom court was announced this morning and...

...I am the Mama of a girl on prom court.

I think I am just as excited as she is. I had no doubt she would get on it, even though she didn't believe she would. When she came home, she pretty much danced through the house, repeating to everyone at least 5 times each, "Guess what. I'm on prom court."

There is drama at her school & of course jealousy going on. It makes me hurt for Amazing Grace that people mask their inner turmoil within themselves & project it as bitchiness or jealousy. If people would confront their own feelings about themselves, there wouldn't be drama towards or about others. Unfortunately this is true for some women all through life & something I teach my girls to deal with now so that they know how to deal with it when they're older. It's sad & hurtful when people who don't deal with their own issues take it out on others.

And on an unrelated note, I have awesome pics of Amazing Grace & Blondie. They joined me in bed late last night just to chit chat & I just had to get pictures as they made the best faces at each other. I love how close these 2 are, inseparably close, & you can definitely tell they're sisters by looking at them.

Amazing Grace acting like she's not amused.

Amazing Grace making Blondie laugh when I
didn't want her to.

Blondie ignoring Amazing Grace & Amazing
Grace is not thrilled about it.

Pretending to be shocked at each other.

I've got my 14 & 17 year old girls crawling into my bed 'cause they still like to hang out with me & one of them is on prom court. I'm a proud, happy Mama.

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