That's Me

That's Me

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sir Louie Received Pneumonia

Ginger Girl took the video of me doing the post-op work on Molly, being all sneaky girl that she is. Well, she had to learn those sneaky skills somewhere, right? She didn't make me wait long before I had a chance to get a sneaky video of my own. 

As I was sitting on my unmade bed, working on my Basket O' Stitch 'Em Ups, finally seeing the bottom of said basket, I wasn't actually paying attention to the noise on the other side of my gigantic bed. Heck, it's when there isn't noise that I look up & wonder what's going on. I've been conditioned. 

So I'm sewing away when I realize I have a little medic of my own over there. She had my stethoscope & was carrying on about not being able to save Louie, my pet stingray's, life. I picked up the video camera & hit record without Ginger Girl even noticing. At one point, at the beginning of the video I thought I was busted when she looked up at me, but she was only looking at me & not the camera. Whew, crisis averted. 

Quite the actress that girl is. When she's nominated for an Oscar in 10 years you all can thank me for sharing with you the beginning of her acting career. You're welcome. 

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