That's Me

That's Me

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Surgery I Performed

Friday, while my bedding was in the washer 'cause Friday is Wash Bedding Day, I decided to tackle my Basket O' Stitch 'Em Ups. Being a seamstress is both a wonderful thing and a pain in my butt. It's wonderful because I can help my family when their favorite shirt gets a tear or their pants need to be hemmed. It's a pain in my butt because my family knows who to go to when their favorite shirt gets a tear or their pants need to be hemmed.

Sometimes I just don't wanna.

And that's why my Basket O' Stitch 'Em Ups is a basket & not just 1 piece that needs fixing.

I decided on Friday that the Basket O' Stitch 'Em Ups was at the point of no  return ignoring because it was starting to take over my itty bitty teeny weeny little closet floor. Also, there are some days I will do anything to avoid schoolwork. Weighing my options, Stitch 'Em Ups won, which doesn't say much for the studying topic that day, because it had to be pretty stinkin' bad for me to pick Stitch 'Em Ups.

I sat on my unmade bad with my sewing items & started stitching away.

One of the items was Ginger Girl's precious American Girl doll, Molly. Molly had not won the battle between her & Zipper, so Molly has lived in my Basket O' Stitch 'Em Ups for...we'll say a while...waiting for her surgery.

Surgery day had arrived & Ginger Girl was all excited that she would get Molly back. I decided to be all medical about it, & for Ginger Girl's amusement, I got out my stethoscope & blood pressure cuff. I had Ginger Girl wait in the waiting room (the other side of the bed) while I took her baby to surgery. After the surgery, I performed the post-op procedures as best as I could on a doll with no heart beat .

Little did I know that Ginger Girl decided this performance needed to be preserved for all eternity. I bring you...Post-Op Molly.

And there you have it. My nursing talents at their finest.

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