That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thank You, Hubby's Boss

Do you have an ex you wish you could be rid of? Are you so happy with the love of your live, that your ex just can't stand it, so she tries to make you as miserable as she is? Does your ex waste your time & money over frivolous court visits? Does she make you scratch your head & wonder how a person can get through life being so horrible to other people? Would you like help with that ex?

"Be good or I'll BUG you!"
Have I got the answer for you! No, it doesn't get rid of the psycho in your life, but it is cheaper than a hit man, so that's a plus. Also, there's no blood on your hands (figuratively or literally), so that's an even bigger plus. No prison time! No worrying that the hit man you hired was actually hired by her first so you're putting yourself in the enemy's hands (am I the only one that would think about that?)! No annoying Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder telling you that you shouldn't have done that. 

I give you the Ex Stress Ball! 

Oh no, Mr. Bill, it's the psycho ex!

When she is being her psycho self you just pull out the mini her & squeeze it till her head pops. Ah, stress relief. Fun for the whole family!  

Thank you, Hubby's Boss, for the Christmas gift our whole family can smile at. What a genius you are.

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