That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Friday, My Fun Day

Ah, you know it's going to be a post about one of those days when "fun day" is in the title. Only I could ever have the kind of days that I write about & since I have to endure them, I must share them with the world. Or my readers anyway, because my readers are my world. Aww...I know, you love me & I love you, my precious readers.

"My precious!"

So I got my hair cut yesterday. I went for a totally new look, which isn't uncommon. I'm pretty sure that at this point in our relationship, whenever I tell hubby "I have a hair cut tomorrow" he is thinking, "Craaaap. What am I going to come home to?"

Well, last night he came home to hair that can't decide what it wants to be. I give you Bipolar Hair:

Short side.
Long side.

Those pictures were both taken right after my hair cut. Why the different colored shirts? Let me tell you.

I went shopping after my appointment, because...well...I'm a girl & that's what we do: salons & shopping. Okay, not really. I just had to go shopping. While shopping, I decided to check out the shirts, just to look. I seriously was just looking, but these ladies made me buy something. Or a few somethings. 

These ladies I do not know & had never seen before were looking at shirts in the same vicinity as I was in. A saleswoman asked me if I needed help. I asked her if they had a type of shirt I've been looking for. Not that I intended to buy it, mind you. She just seemed like she really wanted to help so I figured I might as well give her something to help me with. 

Lo & behold, the ladies next to me said, "Oh! We just saw a pink one right over there..." waving me in the direction on the opposite side, " must see it!" These strange ladies...not that they were strange, but they were strangers...& the sales lady & I proceeded over to that side. I picked up the shirt they were talking about, the only pink one there, & what do you know! It's exactly what I was looking for. Exactly. I may have gotten a wee bit too excited for these ladies & this sales lady because they giggled & took that as an invitation to find me more things I must see.

Before I knew it, I had these ladies & this sales lady telling me how awesome my hair is ("Really? I just got it done 2 hours ago." "Oh, it's gorgeous!" "Thank you!" "It looks great on you!"), which colors I should buy ("Oh, that pink goes so well with your coloring!" "But the purple is her favorite color." "Oh, this green brings out her red hair." "I still like the pink the best."), & what looks good on me ("Yes, yes, definitely this one!" "You must buy this!" "Did you see this shirt over here?" "Oh, but come see this one, you're going to love it!"). It was quite divine actually. Angels sent down to make me feel good by complimenting me & to help me spend money. What could be better? I'm sure hubby could come up with at least a few things better than that, but I'm not asking him.

When I got to my truck, I realized that this whole time I had been walking around with remnants of my haircut. All over my shirt, down the front, down the backs of my arms, & on my collar were little teeny tiny red hairs. I have no idea if anyone else noticed them & I have no idea how many people were tittering at me behind  my back. Thankfully I had just purchased some nice new shirts that  other people strangers had picked out for me, so I quickly removed the white shirt that announced "I just got a haircut!!" in nice bold, red headed letters, & replaced it with the pretty pink one that had started the conversation with the strange ladies & had led me to buy the shirt in the first place.

I went on my merry (oh, so merry) way to Jo-Ann's. A store full of knitting & scrapbooking supplies. Seriously, it's my own personal Heaven on Earth. Usually. Not today because...

me: in joanns. Sale on wind chimes. People all around me carrying them. In line behind me swinging them. You might need to get bail $$. 

hubby: lol

me: Do they let you bail murderers? 

hubby: you shank somebody?

me: Gonna

hubby: steal their yarn and run!!

me: I was thinking stabbing their jugular with knitting needles

hubby: and just remember there's only 1 f'in ext to the parking lot!!!!

me: Oh yeah good point. I'll just go to sams. Hopefully no wind chimes there.

hubby: lol

The above chat occurred as I was in line at Jo-Ann, waiting to pay for my goodies that I grabbed in the quickest Jo-Ann shopping trip of my entire crafting life. It is entirely not fair that their sale of wind chimes...of all things unholy on God's green Earth: wind chimes?!...had to ruin my Day O' Fun. The only thing worse than 2 aisles full of people playing with wind chimes would be a ticking clock following me around all day everywhere I went. [shudder] 

As I was leaving Jo-Ann, the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that read "Find your happy place". I totally needed a happy place after wanting to pierce a few people's jugulars. I took a picture of the car so that I could capture its bumper sticker, but apparently I didn't zoom in enough.

I posted the picture here anyway
because I was not going to waste
all that effort of me taking a picture
of someone's car, risking potential
road rage, only to not use the picture.

It was in another store that I noticed this product & I rather enjoyed the name of it.

Somewhere out there are people
telling their friends about the
crazy lady in the store who took
pictures in the frozen food section
& laughed to herself. 

On my way home, in my own little world of Pink's amazing lyrics that speak to me & the knowledge that I am the only one in the car so I actually get to have uninterrupted thoughts, I was at a stop when I look over at the gas station on my right. Picture me doing a double, then triple take, here. There was a line of 4 vehicles with very upset, impatient drivers in them, their blinkers all on, waiting behind a truck...

...that is sitting on the side of the gas station parking lot entrance...

...for sale. 

I wonder how long they sat there before one of the drivers realized they were not actually in line, but were behind a vehicle that was not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

I got home just in time to take Blondie to her her hair appointment & she rode with me to finish my errands. In line at the bank, 2 feet pop up on the center console next to me, from the back seat. I am a touchy feely person. I am always touching the people I love--holding hands, rubbing shoulders/back/head/feet, hugging. When I'm sitting, you will always find a child with their feet in my lap or sitting in front of me for a back rub. My girls also like their toes pulled, so a lot of times that is what their feet end up in my lap for. After a few seconds in line, I realized that I was pulling Blondie's toes right there in the bank parking lot, without even realizing what I was doing. Ah, creature of habit.

If you don't do this for your kids,
you don't love them enough.
It was also about this point when Blondie looked over to the truck in line next to us & said, "Is that lady a cop?" I glanced over. "No."

"Then why does she have hand cuffs?" I look & see hand cuffs hanging from the lady's rear view mirror. I giggled. I couldn't stop giggling. From the back seat was confused silence until all of a sudden, "Mooommmmm!! That's nasty!" I giggled some more.

When we got home from running errands, Blondie & I grabbed the groceries from the back of the truck. Or at least we would have, if the milk hadn't been impatient & jumped out of the truck, leaping to its untimely death & splitting its side open, before we had the back completely open.

1 gallon of milk...
...covers a whole lotta

Oh, what a fun, fun day. 

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