That's Me

That's Me

Friday, October 4, 2013

Fat Cat Apparently Loves Family Guy

"Is that Family Guy?"
"O.M.G. It is!"
Laying in bed, being boring & old like the kids think we are, we turned on our nightly ritual show: Family Guy. We like a little educational television before we fall asleep. 'Cause being old & boring, that's all we do in bed. Of course.

Watson...who must  annoy sleep with us all night every night, because he is like a needy toddler & can't possibly be separated from his Mama...was laying at the end of the bed at my always...when he suddenly jumped up.

The following is sure to entertain even the most boring of old people out there...

"This is my favorite episode.
Oh, man, this one's great!"

Maybe it's so appealing because Watson can relate to Peter Griffin, being a fat & all.

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