That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, October 6, 2013

2nd Annual Princess Mud Run

"Ready, dear?" 
Hubby & I again ran in the Princess 5K Mud Run on Saturday. I've looked forward to it since we ran it last October.

I really liked the parking pointers that the volunteers used.

They're wands.

Unlike last year, this time they had shuttles to take us from the parking field to the hill where the 5K took place.

Only in Small Town, America
do you find big ass tractors
as your shuttle to a race.

My city boy hubby
on a tractor ride. 

Hubby, me, Ginger Girl on our shuttle.

While riding on our shuttle, hubby said, "You hear that? It's the tongue breaking. The trailer is breaking off of the tractor. We're going to roll backwards down the hill!" Funny guy. 

So funny, in fact, that the Tractor Gods decided they liked that idea. Thankfully the Tractor Gods know that this would not have been funny to do to anyone while going up the hill (the first hill before the hill we have to race on), so they waited to inflict this particular brand of funny on a tractor that was not moving. Thankfully the Tractor Gods also know that they would have felt my wrath if they chose to do that to me. 

So they did it to the other tractor at the top of the hill, just as everyone was getting off. Although, it's quite possible that Tractor Gods do not actually exist & this happened due to a very large amount of weight being pulled at one time by that tractor. We may never know. 

The firemen came over to
inspect after the tongue
gave out & dropped the trailer.
Watch out for Tractor Gods.

Some Before the Race shots...

Ginger Girl & Mommy

The team I coordinate everything for: Better Wives Club.

I loved what this sign said.

The team in front of us was having their pictures taken while I was bent down tightening my shoes. I didn't want to stand up & get caught mid-standing up. I could just picture myself getting captured half bent over, about to stand up, ass in the air, head down, hands out in front of me. No one wants that in their picture, so I just stayed on the ground until I was sure they were done with their pictures.

Ethel was telling me it was okay to stand up; I was
calling her a liar & thought she wanted me to photobomb
their pictures with my behind.
I see I really could have stood up then. Oops.

Waving at Ginger Girl right before
we took off.

This is the hill we had to run straight up as the very start of the race. 

That hill in the fog,
I went up that.
That steep hill in the distance?
That's the one.

For the last year, we've had bragging rights as our picture, the one I submitted into the photo contest & that Ginger Girl took after we crossed the finish line, was the one they've used for advertising purposes. I'm pretty darn excited about that, but now I'm sad that it'll be someone else's turn for that position. 
Last year's picture that won first place on
their website. 

But we were on the news Saturday night. 

Hubby & me during the run.

Ginger Girl got a lot of pictures of the parts of the run that they were allowed access to. She was my little mini photog for the day. 

"I'll get you!"

"Your Mom is joking, but
I really will hug you. Wait,
what, that's my wife's sweat
shirt you're wearing?
Never mind."

Me going down the pumpkin gut slide.

Except that there were no pumpkin guts
this year & their attempt at making it
slippier with soap & running water did not keep me
from once again getting stuck 1/4 of
the way down. With a large audience
watching me paddle my way down to the bottom.

A few after shots...

Recreating last year's finish line pose.

Mr. & Mrs. Mud

I don't remember what he said, but
hubby earned an Eddi Look here.

"We did it, baby!"

Better Wives Club, after picture.

"Hubby, you crack me up."

In line, waiting for the shuttle to take us back to our car to go home, the storms hit big time. Apparently we looked pretty pathetic out in the storm waiting for a tractor because the spokesperson for one of the channels covering the mud run brought t-shirts to those of us in the middle of the line. I made it all the way through a mud run with my hair looking the same at the end as at the beginning (through no active effort of my own, just some awesome hair hair product); I was not going to then let it get ruined by the storm after the mud run. That t-shirt made for a great head covering.

After the rain slowed down, Ginger Girl & I got some more pictures in before getting into the car to go home...

"Mom, you're so weird."

"Ginger Girl, you're so weird."

"Look what I can do!"
Double jointed hips for the win!

Hungry Queen*

*I have never at any moment in time, including after a 5K, eaten any part of my children, including but not limited to their faces. I do not condone eating children & have never promoted it in any form or fashion. This is a blog meant to entertain; if you don't get that, go read something else, but for the love of all that is holy, don't call me in for child eating. :)

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