That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mayberry Is Real

Last night Little Sister came over with her husband & kids. When she walked into my house, she said, "You know I've never been to your house?", I didn't know did you find me then? 

All the times we'd gotten together, I didn't realize they had never been at my house, so when we set it up I didn't think about giving her directions. Last night, as they were leaving her house to come to mine, she left me a message asking for directions. Which would have been fine, except that we were celebrating Amazing Grace's Birthday so I wasn't even near my phone. My bad.

They decided to just drive towards my town & wait for me to answer on how to get to my street. Since I typically answer messages as soon as I get them, this was reasonable for them to do. Except that I wasn't near my phone for hours. 

There is a main street that is the only way to get into my town. You take the highway which turns into this main street, & it runs from one end of town to the other end & goes right past my street. If you continue on this main street, you're back on the highway & you drive right out of my town & into the next one. No exits, no off ramps, no crazy directions to get into my town. You keep driving & you're just there. 

What did Little Sister & Little Sister's Husband do? They looked for my truck & big ass fence. From this main street, they looked down each side street, looking for signs of me. No idea what my house looks like except that it has a notable fence & hopefully my truck in the driveway. 

Little Sister called her Mom & asked her which street I was on, & just as her Mom was about to answer, Little Sister said, "Oh! I see it!" Little Sister's Husband pulled into the driveway of the house with the big ass fence & my truck. 

And that is how teeny tiny my town is. No need to know the name of my street or even if I'm on the north, south, east, west side of town. 

Based on this info, I may have to start parking my truck in the garage more often. At least make a stalker work a little harder by driving up & down every street to see if there are other big ass fences in town before they're sure which house is mine. Or swap driveways with a different neighbor each day--you park in mine, I'l park in yours. Or hey, I could just park a rental car in my driveway for no reason other than to mess with people who are looking for my house without having the address. 

This could turn out to be pretty fun for me. I'm all about entertainment. 

Little Sister's adventures in finding my house is a stark reminder that I truly do live in Mayberry. 

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