That's Me

That's Me

Friday, September 13, 2013

Don't Look Away

Nemo close-up
Lennon close-up

Blondie wants to be a photographer when she grows up. She gets plenty of practice now, using my camera, my phone, her phone, her camera, trying out different lighting & subjects. She's really creative with what she decides will make a good photograph. I love to see the world through her eyes when I look at the pictures she's taken. It gives me a peek into the World of Blondie; what interests her, what she enjoys, what she appreciates.

Pretty Nemo

Curious Lennon

She frequently asks for my camera or phone & disappears for a wee bit. I never ask why or where she's going, because I know it means she is off on another one of her photograph adventures that her imagination leads her on. I'm always interested in what I will see after I get my camera back from her.

Watson close-up

Lounging Lennon

Watson grabbing camera
Lady Nemo
Posing Lennon

Watson holding down the bed
I have a ton of pictures of our pets taken by Blondie. Animals & nature are Blondie's favorite subjects to capture. I have pictures of all of my flowers & gardens in all their glory, to look back at the memories of each beautiful petal & plant. I love pictures & I love scrapbooking, so her hobby works great for me.

Closed Hibiscus
Blondie & I have the most fun when we're alone in a vehicle. We have deep discussions, we laugh, we share secrets. We both really enjoy our time together & I definitely cherish those times with Blondie. As I was going through pictures that Blondie has taken, I realized that every single car trip her & I have taken with just the 2 of us has been documented in picture form. This wasn't intentionaly; each & every ride has had something picture worthy. Whether it was silly pictures of the 2 of us or something we found interesting while we were driving, it's all right there for me to look back on & remember those precious moments. No matter what the pictures are of, they are priceless to me because they're reminders of the fun the 2 of us had that day.

Evening sky
One night this summer, taking Blondie to her friend's house, just the 2 of us in my truck, we were admiring the evening sky. She grabbed my phone & got some pretty neat pictures of the pink & blue sky with 1 highlighted cloud. 
Dinosaur cloud

Summer sky with dinosaur
The other night Blondie grabbed my camera & came back with some pretty cool pictures of our back yard in the dark.

Our fence
She also took pictures of her own shadow, which turned out really neat, but also kinda eerie.
Weeping Angel?
While we love how they turned out, I'm also a wee bit creeped out that my child looks like a Weeping Angel.

If you don't know what a Weeping Angel is, have fun with that Google adventure. shudder

And now that you've seen it, you can never look away.

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