That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Little Circus

Ginger Girl trying to convince Watson &
Lennon they do want to sleep with her.
Riddle me this, Batman. Does the not normal person cause her pets to also become not normal? Or is the not normal person subconsciously drawn to the not normal pets?

Watson likes to be rubbed with my foot. 

"What? I wasn't supposed to get into the craft stuff?"

Watson eats toes. Not just any toes. Hubby's toes. Fresh out of work shoes, tennies shoes, or slippers; showered & squeaky clean or filthy & stinky, no matter to Watson. Hubby's toes are divine to this boy. 

"Nom nom nom"
Rub rub rub

"Purr purr purr"
He also thinks my Comfy Blanket is his. How dare he. Not only that, I frequently find he has tucked himself into it.

"That's right, I took your
"...and I sleep cuter with it than
you do. Whatcha gonna do
about it?"

Bathing the big belly.
Meet Watson: the contortionist cat that
uses his own body for a pillow.

Watson & Lennon did not start as buddies. In fact, Watson hated every square inch of poor Lennon when he first chose us as his family. 

Watson hit Lennon in the face with his mean left hook any time Lennon walked past him. 

Watson sulked & pouted from across the room whenever I petted Lennon & pawed at me whenever both boys were anywhere within my reach at the same time. 

Watson tried to shank Lennon in his sleep. 

Watson was a downright little shit at first. 

Removing Lennon's testicles was pure magic. Ever since that fateful day when Lennon left the vet's as a not-boy, The Boys are inseparable. My very own Dynamic Duo of Dastardly Deeds. 

The Boys do everything
...they eat together...

...they sleep together,
tails intertwined.

Ah, Lennon. He's quite the oddball.

"My Louie. All mine."

Lennon has this very overwhelming desire to knead certain objects every single time he sees them. My Comfy Blanket, Louie, the purple blanket on my bed, the purple blanket on my couch, 1 of Ginger Girl's stuffed monkeys (just the particular 1, out of her many, many stuffed monkeys), anything I'm knitting (not the yarn--just the project that is attached to my knitting needles at that moment) are all victims of his assaults. I know it's an "overwhelming desire" because if he sees one of those items, he has to run all the way over to it, knead it, take a step away, turn around, knead it, take a step away, turn around & knead it again.

Even if the object is not easily accessible...
...Lennon can't help himself.

Then there's Lennon's love of sending himself to the corner. He will sit there, looking at the wall or out at the room, forever. Not sleeping. Just not moving.  

"I don't know who did
what but I'm sure it was
me that did it."

"I will put myself
here before she can
punish me herself."

No, there is nothing
for him to be looking at...
...Watson makes sure.

Even the corner of the couch.

Now let's talk about Nemo. She's a princess but she's a not normal princess, for sure. Unless it's completely normal for a cat to sit in a hall, staring straight ahead, waiting for anyone to notice she is obviously hungry. And if it's normal for a cat to do this for 10+ minutes at a time. Without blinking.

"Read my mind: I'm
hungry. Don't make
me meow."

This next one freaks me out.

"Just because you don't
see what I've been looking
at for the last 25 minutes..."
"...doesn't mean you
shouldn't be scared
that it's there."

"I sit like a lady cuz
I is a lady."

She's awfully adorable when she wants to be petted. She will walk up to your face or arm & just bonk you with her forehead & then look at you like, "You know what that means. Pet me."

"If I bonk you in the head,
will pet me."
"You're not doing anything else. Pet me."

Sophie is our other cat. Of course, she's camera shy so getting her on video is not the easiest thing to do. I don't know how she knows the camera is on, she just does. In addition to saying Boy Teenager's name when she's looking for him, Sophie also stands up to pee. How's that for a not normal cat? Bet you didn't see that one comin'. Hands on the wall, butt hovering above the litter box, peeing standing up.

That brings me to Zipper. Zipper Zipper Zipper. The dog that is gender and species confused. "Am I a boy cat or a girl dog?" He has no issue taking on a giant Black Lab that is 8 times his size, but he also plays tag & wrestles with the cats as if he's one of them. All while wearing pink bows in his hair after being carried like a baby by Ginger Girl.

Zipper started this weird habit this summer. Any time he sees us eating corn on the cob, he will sit at our feet whimpering & looking so pathetic you'd think something is wrong. When we give him a cob of corn, he runs away with that thing, as happily as if we gave him a steak bone. He will run across the room & hunch over it to keep it from being stolen. As if a cat or human actually wants a corn cob.

He's seriously addicted. 

Amazing Grace's fish has his own little not normal thing. He hides when hubby comes in the room. Only hubby. As soon as hubby walks into the room, poor little fishy swims behind his little plastic bush thingy & lays on the rocks looking dead. As soon as hubby leaves, fish peeks around the corner of his bushy thingy for the all clear & then goes back to happily swimming around. He's also a pig. I didn't know fish could actually beg for food, but this guy's got the begging down to a science.

"Hey, woman, you don't know
where that man is, do you?"
"Feed me more. Now."

Hope you enjoyed my little not normal circus as much as I usually do. They're quite the entertaining bunch. 

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