That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleeping with Ms. Menopause

I'm so happy that we have fall weather. The crushing heat is gone which means I'm more comfortable & I can sleep better at night. It's wonderful!

Apparently Ms. Menopause's preferred way to sleep...with the door from the bedroom to the porch open so the fresh air can cool off the not everyone's favorite way to sleep. 

I walked into my bedroom to find this.

49° outside is not too cold to have the door open. Let's just make that clear here, 'cause I've had other members of this household telling me the opposite. I have no idea what their problem is. Maybe they're all just in argumentative moods lately or their body thermostats were thrown way off by Wisconsin's crazy weather this summer, but they're not making sense. 

On hubby: a hoodie, a fleece blanket,
a down comforter, another fleece
blanket that weighs 72 pounds.

I was able to sleep with just my Comfy Blanket next to me--not even on top of me--& the bedroom was the perfect temperature for a good night's rest. Hubby has some issues 'cause he did in fact sleep as seen above all night long. I can tell you, when you walk into your bedroom to find your hubby wearing a complete pajama set, socks, a hoodie, 3 thick blankets, & wraps himself in a cocoon with a blanket over his head, it doesn't do much much for the romance department. 

The next night I had to make a choice. Sleep next to Cocoon Hubby sans sex or make it warmer in the bedroom so it was more welcoming to a sex life & not a frozen husband.  

Which did I choose? Let me just poke this mound of blankets on the bed next to me hubby & let him answer that question.

Menopause can't last forever, can it? 

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